Refunds and remission

There are two circumstances in which you may need to apply for a refund/remission of fees. 

Note that if you withdraw from a course before the relevant teaching period census date you will not incur tuition fee/student contribution charges for the course, and therefore do not need to follow this procedure.

Refund for overpayment of fees

If you have overpaid please request refund for overpayment of fees here.

Withdrawal after census date

Commonwealth Government Legislation (The Higher Education Support Act 2003) stipulates that in special circumstances you may apply for remission of HELP debt, FEE-HELP, HECS-HELP, student contribution amounts and tuition fees if you withdraw from a course after the relevant census date. There can be no refund of the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

Request refund/remission on late withdrawal from study here.

Are you discontinuing your program?

International fee paying students who discontinue from their program in their commencing semester/term will be charged a Program Discontinuation Fee.

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