Study facilities

Need a meeting room for a group assignment or a quiet place to study? Really need to get your hands on that right book? At UNSW if you are in need of a service or facility, most likely, we have it. In this section you will find all the facilities you need to help you get your study and assignments done and support you academically.

Where can I study on campus?

See our guide to all the best places to study at our UNSW Kensington campus.

Room bookings

Need a meeting room for a group assignment or a quiet place to study?


Purchase your textbooks, reading material and UNSW merchandise.


The Library provides study spaces and resources to help you with your academic studies. Apart from being able to borrow books the library provides group meeting rooms, study spaces, printing, copying and scanning services, computers and touchscreens.

Postgraduate lounge at Arc

The Postgraduate Lounge at Arc is a great space exclusively for postgraduate students to relax and to meet with fellow students to socialise or study. You must be a member of Arc to make use of this facility.

Stationary Reuse Centre

The Stationery Reuse Centre provides UNSW students and staff with free stationary reducing unnecessary contributions to landfill.

Campus facilities

We like to think of UNSW as a campus with a city attached. In fact, UNSW is almost a city in itself with lots of great services like restaurants, food outlets, shops, gyms, sporting teams, medical facilities and loads of great entertainment.


Many students from out of town make use of our campus accommodation. You can choose from fully-catered or self-catered colleges on campus, renting in the local area, or share housing.

Shops and food

You will find a variety of food and retail outlets on campus that cater for your needs. These include a supermarket, banks, a post office and a print shop.

Sport, gym and fitness

We also have a great sporting teams, clubs and recreational sport on campus and a fitness and aquatic centre on campus where you can find squash courts, a gym and pool.

Roundhouse and Whitehouse

The Roundhouse and The Whitehouse are popular hang outs that provide food, drink, music and fun events.


At UNSW, we have four long day care centres to provide high quality care for your children close to campus so you to get on with achieving your career aspirations.

Medical, health and counselling

A range of health services are available on campus including access to: doctors, dental, chemist, counselling, optometry, pathology, physiotherapy and more.

Religious Centre

The Religious Centre is provided for all UNSW students and staff.

Legal advice

If you have a legal matter that you need advice on, then there are a few services at UNSW that might be able to assist you.

Lost property

Information on finding, reporting and collecting lost property.

Public transport

Useful transport links for getting to campus.

Campus maps

No matter what campus you are on, you may need some direction on how to find where you are going, so there are some handy campus maps to help you.

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