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York University’s Go Global SDGs in Action Student Challenge

Delivery Mode: Online/ Virtual

Program Type: Not for credit

Program Dates: December 2021 - May 2022

Summary:  Students Create Local and Global Impact! Are you a student passionate about reducing global inequalities? Are you interested in creating local and global impact by leading your own SDGs action projects in collaboration with York University students and mentored by faculties and SDG experts? Join the SDGs in Action Student Challenge!

UNSW Application Deadline: 6 December 2021

Term 1 2022 POSTECH - APRU Virtual Student Exchange Program

Summary:  POSTECH  - APRU Virtual Student Exchange Program  for Term 1 2022 

Delivery more: virtual 

Program type: exchange 

Destination: South Korea

UNSW application deadline: 

9:00 am on 15 December

(late applications cannot be accepted)

Graduate Advantage Program

Australia’s leading companies deliver an intense and unique professional development program, designed to give you the "graduate advantage" and to set you apart with employers.

Shark Tank for Legal Apps

Congrats to all who took part in our shark tank presentation evening for the course Designing Technology Solutions for Access to Justice! Plus, find out how you can try your hand at entrepreneurship, innovation and pitching with the Peter Farrel Cup.

Are you aged 45 to 55 years and have trouble reading up close without glasses?

Researchers at UNSW are conducting a project to find out if a novel eye drop treatment (UNR844) is safe and effective, and if so, what is the best dose to help improve the near vision of people with presbyopia (an age related condition where the eyes are no longer able to focus on near objects).

    China Photo Contest 2021

    Tell your story and share your view of Chinese language and culture by entering the 2021 China Photo Contest, with 18 cash prizes to be won!

    Picture of the Little Marionette at UNSW, one person making coffee behind a machine, one person handing a coffee to another person.

    What's open on campus?

    Keep up to date with which retailers are open on campus to get your coffee fix, grab some lunch or pick up your script.

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