Are you neurodivergent or living with a physical / mental health condition that impacts your studies OR are you a carer for someone with these conditions?

We are here to help!

EQUITABLE LEARNING SERVICES (formerly known as the Disability Support Unit) is a free and confidential service that provides practical support to ensure your mental or physical health conditions do not adversely affect your studies.

Our team of dedicated Equitable Learning Facilitators (ELFs) are here to assist you through this process. We offer a number of services to make your education at UNSW easier and more equitable.

Alternative versions of this video are available with language captions in English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Indonesian and Vietnamese.

If you need captioning for any other languages, automated language translation is also available for this video. To access: select the CC button then go to settings icon and select 'Subtitles/CC' and the 'Auto-translate' option.

At UNSW we strongly endeavour to align and provide equitable access to education for all students under the following acts,

"The one argument for accessibility that doesn't get made nearly often enough is how extraordinarily better it makes some people's lives. How many opportunities do we have to dramatically improve people's lives just by doing our job a little better?"

- Steve Krug

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