Your fee statement and payment options are available online in myUNSW 2-3 weeks before the associated teaching period starts. If you have problems accessing your fee statement contact the Student Financials Team.

All payments must be made in Australian dollars unless otherwise specified.

Whichever payment option you choose you will need the details from your fee statement. Do you have questions about your fee statement?

Access your Fee Statement

  1. Go to Select Fee Statement in myUNSW
  2. Select View Details for the current teaching period. You can expand Course Details and Fee Details, or generate a Printer Friendly Version. (You can view previous fee statements here too.)

Payment options

You can pay online via your fee statement or by BPay, in person at Australia Post or by International Money Transfer - instructions are below.

PART PAYMENTS: You can also make part payments via each of these options simply by nominating the amount you wish to pay (tuition and SSAF fees only).

Credit/Debit Card online payment via your fee statement

You must have a valid credit card to pay this way.

Go to your current Fee Statement in myUNSW.

Click Payment Options and follow the payment option instructions. Your payment will be processed immediately.

To make a part payment just overwrite the default amount with the amount you wish to pay.


Online or by phone

Log into or call your bank, credit union or building society to make an online or phone payment from your cheque, savings or credit card account (Visa, Mastercard or American Express only). Quote the UNSW biller code and your customer reference number.

  • UNSW Biller Code: 747261
  • Your Customer Reference Number: the 8 digit number printed in the box at top left on your statement, also available here.

To make a part payment simply nominate the amount you wish to pay.

Australia Post

With a print-out of your barcoded Fee Statement

Payment by Cash, cheque, credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express only), China UnionPay card or EFTPOS are accepted at any branch of Australia Post.

  • Payments must be accompanied by your Australia Post payment slip, complete with barcode (downloaded and printed from myUNSW).
  • Forms overprinted with NO PAYMENT REQUIRED can still be used to make an upfront payment for HECS.
  • The University is not responsible for delays in the transfer of funds between Australia Post and the University - you must allow sufficient time for Australia Post and the University to process your payment to ensure that UNSW receives it on or before census date.
  • To make a part payment just advise the Australia Post staff of the amount you wish to pay.

International Money Transfer

For International students, via Western Union

If you are an international student and want to pay your tuition fees from a bank account in your home country you can do so through Western Union in one of 60 different currencies. Neither UNSW nor Western Union charge any transaction fees for the bank-to-bank transfer and the conversion rate from your local currency to Australian dollars is guaranteed not to change for 72 hours from the time you commit to making the payment.

  • You will need your Student Customer Reference Number to start this process. This is the 8-digit number on your fee statement, above the bar code. If you don’t have access to a fee statement, generate your Customer Reference Number here using your student identification number.
  • Once you have your Customer Reference Number, open the Western Union bank transfer form here. PLEASE NOTE: payments made through Western Union can take up to 72 hours to be processed into your UNSW account.


Without myUNSW login

If someone other than you is paying your fees, they can pay online by credit card without logging in to myUNSW, by entering the fee details from your fee statement.
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