Your enrolment is your responsibility. You must be correctly enrolled by the enrolment deadline each term/semester.

How to enrol, information for:

UNSW Canberra

Information for (Non-Research) students at UNSW Canberra.

Research students

How to enrol as a research student.

Information about:

Search enrolment

Can't find what you are looking for? Search enrolment.

Annual enrolment

Find out how to enrol as a continuing coursework student.

Summer term enrolment

Fast track your study by enrolling in Summer Term courses.

Dates for enrolment

Key dates and deadlines for enrolment.

Progression plans

Provide students with an example of how they should structure their degree.

Credit transfer

Apply to have previous study recognised and the credit transferred to your current program.

Course enrolment waitlisting

Waitlisting is a type of automated queuing that will let you select full courses (courses that have no spaces left) and join a list of students waiting to enrol.

Stream declaration

In many programs, you need to select which specialisation(s) you will study.

Cross campus enrolment

Due to the different academic calendars, it is generally not permitted to undertake cross campus enrolment between UNSW Sydney and UNSW Canberra.

Forms and documents

Forms and document relating to your enrolment.


For enrolment support, contact The Nucleus: Student Hub.

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