Here you can find your guide to exams and the information you need to organise yourself.

Final exams take place at the end of each Term. Here students can find key exam dates and information regarding timetables.

Students with an on-campus, in-person exam must attend the campus to sit their exams.

Exam key dates and timetable information

Key Dates

Key dates for the exam periods at UNSW.

Key dates for exams


Find the date, time and location of your exams.

Timetable for exams

Exam guidelines

Rules and policy

Your obligations: what you must and must not do in exams

Rules for exams

What you can take into exams

Includes what calculators and computers you can use.

Checklist of items

Exam delivery

With the transition back to in-person classes and activity on campus, there will be some changes in the way exams are delivered, including the return of face-to-face exams and the continued use of our online exam platform, Inspera. 

Inspera exams

Remote and on-campus.

Inspera exams

Pen and paper exams


Paper exams

Other online exams

Remote exams.

Other online exams

Exam locations

For Inspera and campus exams

Where is my exam located?

Supplementary exams

Who is eligible, how to apply and when they're held.

About supplementary exams


Contact the Exams Team or see answers to frequently asked questions.

Contact exams

External invigilation

Please note: UNSW no longer offers external invigilation for students from other institutions.


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