What is stream declaration?

Many UNSW programs require you to select a defined area of study (specialisation). In undergraduate programs, these are referred to as majors and minors. Once you have selected a specialisation, you need to follow a sequence of courses to complete it. The selection of your specialisation(s) is referred to as stream declaration.

Consult the Handbook to find what specialisations are available in your program and which courses you need to take to complete them.

How can I declare or change my specialisation?

Use the Stream Declaration service in myUNSW to:

  • View your current stream
  • Declare your stream
  • Change your stream

Please note that not all programs use this service and you may need to contact your Program Authority directly. The Stream Declaration service will indicate if this is the case.

When can I declare or change my specialisation?

Aim to finalise your specialisation as early in your program as possible to avoid having to complete additional study. For some courses you may need to have declared a particular specialisation to enrol. Declaring your specialisation also helps Schools to plan the number of classes and room capacity required for each course.

In general, the only time the stream declaration service is closed is from the start of Week 4 until the Census date of the relevant terms/semesters. If you have been identified as a potential graduand then you may also be unable to declare a specialisation using the Stream Declaration service.


For more information about your program and what specialisations may be available, please consult the Handbook or contact your Program Authority.

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