Program discontinuation is for students who want to completely cease studies in their program. Once you've discontinued your program, if you wish to resume study, you must re-apply through the usual channel (UAC/Direct application) for admission back into the program.

If you intend to resume study in this program within 1 year of discontinuing, please instead see Program Leave.

Before you discontinue

Read the University Fee Policy and/or refer to before submitting an application to discontinue from your program.

In addition, please ensure that you fully understand your financial liability to UNSW when discontinuing your studies. See Program Discontinuation Fees for more information.

How to apply

Please complete the following online form no later than the appropriate term/semester census date. Once your request has been processed you will be notified of the outcome by email to your nominated email address.

Request Program Discontinuation Form

Are you under 18 years of age?

If you are under 18 years of age, you must instead complete this form (PDF, 189kb) and your parent or guardian must also sign the form. The form should be returned to Student Lifecycle, The Nucleus: Student Hub, Level 2 Library or submitted via email to [email protected]

Important information for international students

If you're within your first 6 months of study at UNSW, you cannot transfer education providers without obtaining approval from UNSW with a Release Letter.

Important information for student visa holders

Department of Home Affairs notification of cancellation

Under Commonwealth legislation, UNSW is required to notify the Department of Home Affairs of changes to the enrolment of student visa holders. Course cancellation and leave of absence (program leave) will in most cases lead to the cancellation of your student visa, and you will be required to depart Australia, or transfer to another visa type. Provided you report to the Department of Home Affairs as required, your visa cancellation should be "without prejudice", and should not prevent you from reapplying in the future.

Granting of program leave to student visa holders

As required by Commonwealth law, student visa holders will be granted leave by UNSW conditional on their complying with Immigration requirements. In all but exceptional circumstances (e.g. a serious personal/health problem requiring you to remain in Australia), student visa holders granted leave will be required to depart Australia for the duration of their leave. If you believe your circumstances are exceptional, you will have to provide documentation to support this claim. In all cases, student visa holders granted leave by UNSW must report to Immigration authorities to clarify their visa status.

Reapplying for your student visa

You may find that it is simplest to apply for a new student visa prior to departing Australia. Whether you choose to apply in Australia or overseas, fill in a Visa Amendment/Extension Request form (also available from The Nucleus: Student Hub) with your revised program start and end dates, and have it approved by your faculty. Retain a copy of both forms for your records. Your new electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) will be emailed to your student email account.

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