UNSW is proud to present more than 500 prizes annually to students for meritorious academic achievement. Prizes can take the form of medals, trophies, books, book vouchers, cash amounts and certificates.

Individual donors, organisational donors and Schools make these prizes possible and UNSW awards prizes on the recommendation of the Head of School.

University medals

In addition to prizes, one of the most distinguished awards to be bestowed on an undergraduate is the University Medal.

When assessing nominations, the University Medal Committee takes into consideration the academic record related to the program in which the medal is being assessed. As the award of a Medal indicates outstanding academic performance, e.g. a degree awarded with Honours significantly above the minimum requirements for Honours Class 1, it is expected that only in exceptional circumstances will there be more than one Medal for a particular major within a program.

The following pages list all the UNSW prizes and medals

The prizes are grouped by Faculty and then by the School in which they are awarded:

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