Answers to frequently asked questions about prizes:

Do I have to apply to receive a prize?

No, there is no application process. Your Faculty/School will nominate the prize winner for the most outstanding performance/achievement in a particular course. Prizes are awarded on the recommendation of the Head of School.

How will I know whether I have won a prize?

The Faculty/School will contact you in writing and invite you to the Awards Ceremony. All UNSW prize winners are published on our website.

What are the values of the prizes?

Prizes can take the form of medals, trophies, books, book vouchers, cash amounts and certificates. To find out the value of a prize, click the relevant faculty link on the Prizes and medals page. 

What are the criteria for the prizes?

The criteria for each prize are listed on faculty prizes pages - see the links on the Prizes and medals page.

When are prizes awarded?

UNSW prizes are awarded at the beginning of each academic year, usually in January or February.

How will I receive the prize?

Usually Faculties or Schools have their own prize ceremonies, so they will inform you of the relevant date. Depending on what prize you have been awarded, you will be contacted close to the date of the ceremony.

Will my prize appear on my academic transcript?

Yes, any prize won during your studies will be listed on your academic transcript.

What should I do if my prize does not appear on my transcript?

You will need to get in touch with your relevant Faculty/School Prizes Co-ordinator in writing.

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