The Student Support Team is always here to help with personalised advice and information about university life, student visas, wellbeing, academic performance or if you need help but don't know where to go.

Our team of Student Support Advisors provide personal support and work with all students to promote the development of skills needed to navigate and succeed at university.

How to connect

For brief questions - Drop-in service

PLEASE NOTE: Drop-in service will recommence 9th January 2023

There is a daily drop-in service for short (10-15 minute) consultations. This service is best if you have a question or concern that can be answered in one brief conversation.

These questions may be about things such as special considerations, fee remission, visa conditions and your COE.

In-person Queue

  • 2:00pm – 4:00pm
  • The Nucleus: Student Hub

Virtual Queue

For longer consultations

You can book a longer appointment (45 minute) with the advisor of your choice through our booking page. This service is best if your issue requires time to discuss or you wish to speak to a specific advisor. 

Face-to-face appointments will be held in The Nucleus: Student Hub for the remainder of 2022, while our usual space in the John Goodsell Building is under renovation. Virtual appointments will be over Zoom - the link is available through the booking site.

Book an appointment

If you are experiencing technical difficulties when booking or are unable to book please send an email.

If you require immediate support

If you require immediate support and you are feeling overwhelmed by stress or anxiety, you can contact the following for free, confidential, and anonymous support:

For students in Australia:

  • Lifeline (24 hour): 13 11 14 phone line for crisis support and suicide prevention.
  • Mental Health Line (24 hour):
    1800 011 511 phone line for mental health acute care.

For students outside of Australia:


Kensington campus - The Nucleus: Student Hub

Located inside main Kensington campus library
  • Student Support and Success Advisors in The Nucleus: Student Hub - located inside the main Kensington campus library, first right as you enter the library main entrance.
  • Campus map reference F21 (PDF)

Meet the Advisors

Bridey Martin

How long have you been at UNSW
I have been working at UNSW since 2019
 and am loving every minute of it (MINUS rainy days, cold days, days when my puppy is left at home (everyday!) windy and sticky/hot days, or days when I don't get to sit in the sun)  

Favourite thing about my job
Helping students find their own ways through difficult times and creating space for them to fall back in love with learning again! 

Painting, walking my puppy Junebug, and looking up memes about nature and art or reading about social workers doing justice!

Darcy Keogh

How long have you been at UNSW?
March 2020

Favourite thing about my job
There are many, but one that stands out is being able to offer students who are struggling the opportunity to be heard and seeing the relief that can come from this small act.

Walks in the bush, practicing gratitude and daily meditation.

Helen Craig

How long have you been at UNSW? 
I have worked as an International Student Advisor at UNSW for more than 5 years but have been a part of UNSW for much longer. I completed my studies here and lived on campus - some of the best times of my life.  

Favourite thing about my job
What I love about this job is hearing about your life, what you love doing, life back home and also your study. Anything that helps me to understand you, your passions and what drives you. 

Right now, to relax and pass the time at home, I like having a stroll with 'Mr B'; my dog Billy and swimming any chance I can get. Dancing around the kitchen to bad 80's music or new music introduced to me by my kids is my other stress release, even Billy gets into it.  

Michael Davidson

How long have you been at UNSW? 
Since July 2017 (almost 12 months in the Medical Faculty as a Student Admin Officer and the rest as a Student Support Advisor) 

Favourite thing about my job 
How rewarding it is, yet a great challenge at the same time. It is so beneficial to be able to help students on their journey and to guide, advise and support them in any way we can. 

To listen to music or to get out and enjoy a walk before and after work to process the day and reflect. 

Nicole Zhang

How long have you been at UNSW? 

I joined the UNSW Student Support team in April, 2021. Previously, I worked three years as Student Advisor for UNSW Global who offer UNSW pathway courses to International Students

Favourite thing about my job 
I enjoy forming the bond with students while guiding them through their requests and challenges. I love being supportive, resourceful, and inspiring to my students.

I consider myself a Yogi and I have been practicing Yoga for almost 10 years. I forget all my troubles while I am standing on my Yoga mat. 

Pia Larsson

How long have you been at UNSW?
I’ve been in this role since 2010.

Favourite things about my job
There are many things I love about this job! Sharing the journeys of students as they navigate their student and life journey and anything (small, big, good, hard) that affects it,  while forming relationships with students and staff and working with compassionate people, is a privilege and only some of the highlights of the role!

I try to be really mindful about (re)connecting with my body throughout the day, so that I can respond to what it needs. I also find being in/by the ocean/nature very grounding and love my long runs, yoga and meditation practice. When all else fails, I dance!

Tracy Ellis

How long have you been at UNSW?
I joined UNSW in August 2017 as a Student Academic Support Officer in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. I then moved to Equitable Learning Services in January 2020 before joining the Student Support team in March 2022.

Favourite things about my job
Helping students to navigate the challenges of life through discovering their strengths and developing their skills for university and beyond. I feel privileged to offer a safe space for students to share their struggles and successes.

I love long walks in nature and will break out into a jog for an extra boost of endorphins. Practicing mindfulness, cuddles with my dog, and listening to music are also great ways to manage the ‘noise’ of external stressors for me.

Dalia Pisk

How long have you been at UNSW?
I have been working at UNSW for 7 years and I enjoy the diversity and energy of working on campus.   

Favourite things about my job 
I am continually impressed by the innovation of students, their study and career goals and the foundation of the University to make it happen! I see my role as assisting students to reach their full potential and to also navigate the supports available to them.     

Having a healthy balance of work, life, family and friends - ensuring I put time aside for me. 

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