New Colombo Plan

New Colombo Plan (NCP) Mobility funding is provided by the Australian Government to support Australian undergraduate students undertaking a credit based program in the Indo-Pacific.  Locations are dependent on where UNSW has secured funding for. 

New Colombo Plan funding for exchange 

There are two funding programs available through the New Colombo Plan for exchange.
  • New Colombo Plan Scholarship

The New Colombo Plan Scholarship is a highly prestigious and competitive scholarship that provides the opportunity for Australian undergraduates to undertake up to one academic year of exchange in one of the approved locations. The scholarship also includes provision for relevant language studies, internship / mentorship and community engagement components. You need to apply by the UNSW deadline to be considered for the scholarship and also be planning or in the process of applying for exchange in the relevant application year.

Applications for 2025 are expected to open in March/April 2024.  

  • New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants

UNSW has received New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant funding for certain locations in the Indo-Pacific to support Australian undergraduate students to undertake an exchange in the region. The grants are valued at $7,000 and eligible students are automatically considered for a grant as part of the exchange application process.  A separate application form is not required. 

Details on both programs are available in the Student Exchange tutorial.

New Colombo Plan funding for short programs 

Short courses, study tours and internships are a great opportunity to build global citizenship competencies in a shorter period of time.  

New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants for Short Programs are valued up to $3,000.  UNSW has successfully secured funding through this program for specific faculty led programsThey are open to Australian undergraduate students enrolled in a UNSW study tour or internship to one of the specified locations in the Indo Pacific.  Students do not apply directly for these grants as eligible students will be automatically considered as part of the course enrolment. If participating on a faculty study tour, you will be advised when funding is available.  

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