Short Courses and Study Tours

During your study at UNSW, why not take advantage of the some of the Learning Abroad Short Program opportunities on offer?

Did you know UNSW students may be able to spend time overseas as part of or related to their university studies, with or without academic credit, in formal or informal educational environments through a variety of our learning abroad opportunities?

As a UNSW student there are many program available through UNSW schools and faculties, or through our overseas partner institutions, networks and providers.

What opportunities are available?

Short study opportunities are promoted regularly on our Learning Abroad Notices. We recommend you Subscribe for updates via email or RSS.

What can I do?

Short programs include the following types of experiences:

Short Courses

Specialised courses at partner institutions during in their summer and winter school programs. Courses are usually equivalent to 6 -12 units of credit, for 4-6 weeks and are fee based. In some instances, a reduction may be negotiated with our partner institutions. Credit is gained through cross-institutional credit (exchange or direct). 

Faculty led study tours

UNSW Faculties offer a variety of opportunities for students including international study tours, practicum, studios, moots and field studies. Whilst overseas students remain enrolled in UNSW courses. Courses are usually equivalent to 6 -12 units of credit, for 4-6 weeks.

Conferences & competitions

Conferences may be for purposes of attendance or presenting a research paper or undertaking an international competition. These programs are not for credit with a duration of 1-2 weeks.

Internships, Placements, Work Integrated Learning

Students gain professional skills and workplace experience overseas while they enrol in UNSW WIL courses or undertake it as part of their industrial training requirements. The experience may be paid, unpaid or fee based (third-party providers). The duration can be from as little as 2 weeks up to 6 months.

For more information see: Internships, volunteering and more learning abroad | UNSW Current Students


UNSW students can undertake part of their honours, masters or postgraduate research abroad while still enrolled at UNSW. The duration can be up to 12 months. 

For more information see: UNSW Research Overseas | UNSW Current Students


Students volunteer overseas to gain an international dimension to their skills. Maybe for NGO and/or fee based if through a third-party provider. These experiences will generally be not for credit with a duration of 2 weeks – 6 months.

For more information see: Internships, volunteering and more learning abroad | UNSW Current Students

Where can I find a Short Program?

The following are just some of the locations you may be able to find more short program opportunities

Learning Abroad Notices: Short study opportunities, from our exchange partners, networks and providers are promoted regularly on our Learning Abroad Notices. We recommend that you Subscribe for updates via email or RSS.

UNSW Course Handbook: You could also consult the UNSW Handbook or your faculty website for International study tours on offer.

Third-Party Providers:  UNSW has selected preferred some Third-Party Providers to assist with the delivery of learning abroad opportunities.

Costs and financial assistance

Short Programs vary greatly however as a general indication, most will require tuition fees for the courses taken plus any associated travel costs.

  • Short courses and Internship fees are generally around $2,000 - $3,000 for 4-6 weeks. Some short course partner programs can offer discounts on the tuition fees, or the tuition may be waived if an exchange place is available.
  • Travel expenses are usually around an additional $2,000 - $3000 depending on location and duration of the experience. 
  • Virtual Learning Abroad programs offer a low-cost option as there are only the program fees but no associated travel expenses.
  • Financial Assistance: Scholarships, OS Help loans and travel grants may be available to support for some programs. Further information can be found on our Financial Assistance page.

For a list of available scholarships, search the UNSW Scholarships.

How to apply

The application process varies from program to program however the four stages of short programs include:

Stage 1 


  • Find a program that fits your needs from the Learning Abroad Notices.
  • Apply to UNSW. UNSW will have an internal application period as outlined below:
    • For UNSW Winter Programs (June/July) – March deadline
    • For UNSW Summer Programs (Dec/Feb) – October deadline

Stage 2 


  • Once you have been nominated by UNSW, apply to the Host institution. You will need to check each individual program for deadlines.
  • Ensure that you accept the Host offer and confirm your progression with UNSW.

Stage 3


  • In preparation for the learning abroad experience, you should see: How to prepare for departure,  and research information about the location.
  • All students should register their travel with UNSW and undertake a risk assessment before heading overseas.
  • You will then be ready to undertake the in-country experience or a virtual experience.

Stage 4



  • On returning to UNSW, your credit transfer will be processed.
  • You should also reflect on your experience and what you learnt.
  • Consider sharing your stories and becoming an ambassador for Learning Abroad


Transfer of credit

Some learning abroad short programs may be able to be counted towards your UNSW degree through credit transfer.

If you would like to receive credit, you will need to receive approval from your Program Authority.

Approval is not guaranteed and remains at the discretion of the faculty.  

For more information see Receiving academic credit for your overseas short program.

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