How to Prepare for Departure

Congratulations your Learning Abroad program is about to start!  

Virtual Learning Abroad

You should read through the information in the Pre-Departure Tutorial before the start of your program.  It's packed with valuable information and resources tailored for a virtual Learning Abroad experience. 

In-Person Learning Abroad

If your learning abroad program involves international travel, you need to complete the following steps.  You must seek travel approval before making any travel arrangements, so your travel is registered with UNSW. This enables UNSW to provide you with in country assistance through Global 24 and UNSW travel Insurance.

  1. Complete the Pre-Departure Tutorial.
  2. Seek approval for your travel by completing the Student Travel Risk Assessment survey, which is available in the Pre-Departure Tutorial.
  3. If you are undertaking an internship or Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program abroad, you should also refer to Preparing for your WIL activity.
  4. Check UNSW travel insurance.
  5. Once your travel is approved you will receive an email from Global 24 with details on how to access the Global 24 Safeture app to update your details and travel itinerary.
  6. Join the Global Society.

Travel Insurance

It is important to check UNSW’s travel insurance and be aware of what you are covered for.  It is your responsibility to read and understand all details of the policy.  If UNSW insurance does not meet your requirements, you should arrange your own travel coverage through a private insurance provider.  

It is essential you have adequate insurance cover while you are travelling. See Smartraveller's guide to buying travel insurance and make sure you are covered!

Global 24

UNSW partners with Global 24 Advisory & Assistance (G 24) to provide around the clock international medical and travel security advice and support.  Students travelling on approved travel can contact Global 24 on +61 2 9312 5153 or via [email protected] for assistance. 

On arrival at your destination, you should check in via the Global 24 app and ensure the location service is turned on for your safety.

The Global Society

UNSW has partnered with The Global Society to provide information to students undertaking an international study experience. The Global Society provides resources, cost saving benefits and facilitates peer-to-peer connections so that you can learn from other students and, in turn, have the best overseas experience possible. Your membership is already paid for by UNSW. All UNSW students interested in studying with overseas institutions are encouraged to Join the Global Society.

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