You need to tell your guests about a few things before graduation day, so that they can get organised:

  • Before the ceremony:
    • Information about venue, arrival time, public transport and parking.
  • During the ceremony:
    • Details about graduate and guest seating, including where to park prams (prams are not allowed inside the auditorium).
    • Ceremony times (10am, 2.30pm or 6.30pm), length of ceremony (approx 1 hr 15 mins) and details of what will happen during the ceremony.
  • Let your guests know that you will have to leave all your personal belongings with them before you proceed to graduate registration, as you will not be returning to your original seat after you cross the stage.
  • Your guests are welcome to take photos or videos during the ceremony. However, they may not use tripods inside the auditorium, and are asked not to move beyond the last row of graduates, not to stand in any of the doorways or exits, and not to get in the way of graduates.

A photo of each graduate is taken as they receive their testamur on stage. The stage photographs are included in the graduation fee.

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