Incidental fees are for goods and services provided to you which are not essential to your program or study; or where these goods or services are also made available to you in an alternate form, free of charge.

Incidental fees are payable on a user basis and are not generally refundable.

Levy fees for good and services

UNSW will levy fees for the following goods/services. The following list reflects common requests and is not exhaustive. Further information on determining incidental fees can be found here.

Service / Item Fee
Verification of qualification See website
Early Release of Testamur $125
Replacement Testamur See website
Replacement Transcripts See website
AHEGS See website
Payment Plan Fee See website
UNSW Graduation Fee See website
Program Application Fee (International) See website
Thesis submission related costs (variable) See website

In addition to the above, UNSW may levy fees as appropriate for the following goods/services not listed:

  • Goods and services requested, that are not essential to the course
  • Alternative forms of access to goods or services essential to the course, but are otherwise readily available at no additional cost by the provider
  • Essential goods or services that students have the choice of acquiring from a supplier other than the provider and is for:
    • equipment or items that become the student’s physical property and are not consumed in the course (or)
    • food, transport and accommodation costs associated with the provision of field trips that form part of the course
  • Fines or penalties imposed principally as a disincentive and not to raise revenue or cover administrative costs.

Special admissions tests

A provider that conducts a special admissions test for judging the suitability of a person seeking admission into a specialist course may charge a fee for this test. 

A special admissions test would be over and above normal admissions services such as enrolling on the basis of an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), for which a provider must not charge a fee, for example:

  • Specialist auditions and interviews such as those conducted by performing arts institutions/faculties,
  • Where special expertise is required to conduct interviews and make recommendations on the suitability of applicants for admission.
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