UNSW offers a Verification of Qualification service to employers and other external organisations wanting confirmation that a candidate has graduated from UNSW or has studied at UNSW.

What information is publicly available?

Confirmation of Graduation is public information - A graduate is someone who has completed all requirements for their degree and whose award has been conferred. The conferral date is used on all official documents and is known as the 'graduation' date.

How to obtain public information

For degrees (excluding AGSM) conferred between 2000 and the present day please search the UNSW Graduate Register

UNSW will not provide a written statement to verify the public information for a graduate who is listed on the UNSW Graduate Register.

If you

  • Are seeking public information for a degree awarded before 2000
  • Are seeking public information for a degree from AGSM awarded before 2010
  • Cannot find a post-2000 graduate's details on the register
  • Have a discrepancy in the information provided by the graduate to you and the information on the register

you must complete the Request for Verification of Qualifications form and select the Public Information Required option. You do not need the consent of the candidate and there is no fee for this service. 

How will UNSW provide the information?

We will email you confirming the student’s:

  • award name (degree)
  • the level and specialisation (if applicable)
  • date of conferral/graduation

We will not include enrolment dates or information relating to courses completed or grades obtained.

If the form is accompanied by a testamur (degree certificate) and/or an academic transcript those documents will be verified as authentic free of charge.

Other possible responses

If you submit a request to obtain public information and we respond with: “there is no public information available for this candidate” it means that the candidate has an enrolment record but there is no record of conferral/graduation. This could be for a variety of reasons and includes, but is not limited to, the following scenarios:

  • the candidate was enrolled but discontinued their studies
  • the candidate has not yet completed their award requirements and is still currently enrolled
  • the candidate has recently completed study but due to outstanding results the award has not been officially conferred by the Graduations Office
  • the candidate has completed all degree requirements but has had the conferral denied or delayed due to unreturned library loans or unpaid fees
  • the candidate has completed all award requirements but has not applied for that award to be formally conferred
  • the candidate has been enrolled in a program of study which does not lead to a formal award

Sometimes, we cannot trace the student on our database from the information you have provided and if that is the case, we will ask you to provide additional information such as:

  • the applicant’s full name and/or previous names if a change has occurred since their time of enrolment at UNSW
  • the applicant’s date of birth
  • the applicant’s UNSW Student ID number
  • the years of enrolment and program of enrolment
  • the degree studies and area of specialisation
  • the date of graduation and degree conferred

Confirmation of non-public information

If you require additional information to that which is publicly available (such as start and end dates of study) or any information on a student who has not graduated, you must complete the Request for Verification of Qualifications form and select the Non-Public Information Required option There is a fee for this service which must be paid by credit card (currently $60) and you must attach a signed consent form from the student. 

What information will we provide and how?

We will email you confirming the student’s:

  • program of study
  • the start and end dates of study
  • the minimum full time duration of study for that program
  • the graduation details (if applicable)

No other information will automatically be provided.

If, the candidate has provided you with an academic statement or transcript which you wish to verify, you should attach these documents with the student’s signed consent.  We will confirm whether the documents are authentic and match our records.  This service is available for both graduates and students who have yet to graduate.

Exchange students and study abroad

If you require confirmation that a candidate has undertaken study at UNSW as an Exchange Student or a Study Abroad student you must complete the Request for Verification of Qualifications form and select the Non-Public Information Required option, Because these are non-award programs we require the consent of the student to release the information BUT the confirmation itself is provided free of charge. 

Other information

Providing as much detail as possible will reduce our response time:

  • Providing the 7 digit student ID number or a UNSW statement or transcript
  • Including all possible enrolment names on the request form
  • Including the full date of birth (we cannot search by date of birth but we need the date to confirm we have the correct student)
  • Including the full name of the qualification(s)

We process the requests in order of receipt and aim to respond within 4 working days. (Our office is closed Saturdays and Sundays).

Please be aware that if you provide falsified documents to external agencies which misrepresent your qualifications from UNSW, then this could result in one of a range of penalties, from failure in the course or suspension (where applicable), exclusion and/or the matter may be reported  to ICAC. As a student, you must be aware of your obligations and responsibilities under the UNSW Student Code.

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