The AHEGS provides a description of the nature, level, context and status of studies completed. It is only issued on completion of an award, so differs from an academic transcript which can be issued at various stages of your program. Its purpose is to assist in recognition of Australian qualifications, and promote international mobility and professional recognition of graduates.  All UNSW students receive an AHEGS on graduation through eQuals.

Please be aware that if you provide falsified documents to external agencies which misrepresent your qualifications from UNSW, then this could result in one of a range of penalties, from failure in the course or suspension (where applicable), exclusion and/or the matter may be reported  to ICAC. As a student, you must be aware of your obligations and responsibilities under the Student Code (pdf).

View Guidelines for the presentation of AHEGS and further information.

AHEGS format

The AHEGS conforms to nationally agreed specifications approved by the Department of Education. It consists of five sections plus certification:

Section 1: The Graduate
Section 2: The Award
Section 3: Awarding Institution
Section 4: Graduate’s Academic Achievements (see below)
Section 5: Description of the Australian Higher Education System

The AHEGS is compiled to summarise information that is factual and relevant at the time. It is date-stamped to indicate the date of issue.


Can I get an AHEGS if I graduated prior to Semester 1, 2010?

No. Students who completed their program of study at UNSW prior to Semester 1, 2010 are not eligible for an AHEGS.

What happened to UNSW's Supplementary Transcript?

Students completing a program of study from Semester 1 2010 have their co-curricular activities and program related achievements listed in the AHEGS.

Supplementary Transcripts were issued to eligible students who graduated prior to Semester 2, 2010 (for approved activities and awards from Semester 1 2007). Copies of Supplementary Transcripts are available, for a fee, from The Nucleus: Student Hub. Copies will be issued in the original Supplementary Transcript format, not as AHEGS.

Will my fail grades be included on the AHEGS?

All recorded results related to the specified program of study will appear on the AHEGS. This includes any fail grades.

I’m graduating from a dual degree program. Will I receive 2 AHEGS?

Yes, for programs where graduates receive two separate awards (i.e. two testamurs) a separate AHEGS is issued for each qualification.

What do I do if there is an error on my AHEGS?

The information appearing on the AHEGS is from your official student record. Should you find incorrect or missing information, please contact The Nucleus: Student Hub for advice regarding replacement.

Can I request updates to the information on my AHEGS?

No. A reprinted AHEGS must contain exactly the same content as at the time of original issue. The AHEGS is designed to provide a snapshot of a graduate’s qualification at the point of completion.

Graduate’s academic achievements

Special Achievements

A set of eligibility criteria determines which achievements outside formal study are eligible for inclusion as Special Achievements. Co-curricular activity nominations are assessed by UNSW Advantage. There are over 350 co-curricular activities currently recognised by UNSW Advantage, examples include; mentoring, student representative participation on recognised UNSW committees, leadership programs and community volunteering.

Currently enrolled students can view and print an unofficial interim summary of their co-curricular activities via the Co-Curricular Online Service (CCOS).

Read about co-curricular activities offered under the UNSW Advantage.

Find nomination guidelines and forms.

AHEGS request if you have outstanding debts with the University

Applications for AHEGS cannot be processed if you have an outstanding debt to the University. Debts include all fees, loans, library fines, housing blocks, Art & Design blocks, ATAX blocks and equipment. Student Administration will contact you if you have a debt. You will need to clear this debt before your AHEGS can be released.

How to apply


The cost of additional copies before or after graduation is AUD $40 for one copy and $18 for each additional copy.

Payment options

  • Payment can be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard ONLY) online or EFTPOS in person at The Nucleus: Student Hub.
  • Personal cheques or cash cannot be accepted.

Proof of Identity

To enable the University to fulfil its obligations under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (NSW) 1998, you must submit a copy of your driver's licence, passport or birth certificate. Your request cannot be processed until you provide this. If you do not have a current driver's licence or a passport, you will need to provide copies of the equivalent of 100 points of ID such as medicare card, bankcard, student identity card, electricity bill etc.

If you have changed your name since you studied at UNSW, you will also need to provide evidence of this by providing either a copy of your marriage certificate, official change of name certificate or a copy of other relevant documentation.

Application Form

Complete the online form here. You will require a credit card to make the purchase.

Processing and delivery

Please allow 5 working days for processing, not including delivery.

AHEGS will be sent via regular Australia Post domestic and international airmail services. AHEGS cannot be emailed.


Current and past UNSW students can contact [email protected] for further enquiries.

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