Example 4: Recognising report sections answers

Which part of a case study report does the (below) extract most likely belong to:

1) Introduction

This paragraph appears to be a finding about the communication and work processes, so it would not be appropriate to place this information in the introduction. Try again!

2) Findings

The text is presenting a finding from the investigation of the case. It is providing a reason why the legislative system manages to function. This paragraph came from a historical case study which integrated the analysis and findings under a number of boldings. The use of evaluative language such as “critical element”, “effectively”, and “extremely competent” also suggests that this is the opinion writer's . In a report for your academic courses if would also be a good idea to include the source of this finding.

3) Recommendations

The text is not actually recommending anything, so it probably does not belong in the recommendations. Try again!

Case study report extract:

"A critical element which makes the legislative system function effectively is the existence of full-time year-around staff assigned to all standing committees. Many of the committees have been able to attract and retain extremely competent staff, and thus committee bills reflect the expertise of these staff members. "

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