Case Study Activity

Try this quiz to see how much you know about writing reports. Here is a list of descriptions for the different sections that can be found in a report. Can you match each description with with its respective report section? Match each pair and then click the 'Check Answers' button.

Description of the current situation
A list of all sources referred to in the report
Announces the topic of the report, the authors and the institution who produced the report
An overview of the whole report.
The main issues, their causes and consequences and an assessment of the issues
Gives the brief and purpose of the report and explains how the report is organised
A list of the main sections and subsections of the report
How the investigation was carried out.
Restate main findings and recommendations and how these relate to the report's aim.
Additional information that supports the findings, conclusions and recommendations
What needs to happen — the best/most likely solution or way forward (if a historical case study, what was the outcome; eg. the directors went to jail?)
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