How Can I Improve My Writing?

Writing is a skill. It can be developed by practice and active reflection on your strengths and weaknesses in your writing. Where possible, let a colleague read your report and ask for constructive feedback. The Report Checklist may be useful here. Approach someone who you feel is experienced and from whom you can accept feedback. In addition, you should also look at other reports to notice what writers have done well and to consider how you could apply similar structures and conventions to your reports.

Once you are aware of where you need to improve your written communication skills, decide how you will go about improving your writing.

  • If you are able to come to the Kensington campus, The Learning Centre runs weekly workshops on academic writing and grammar, and individual consultations can be made with a Writing Assistant or Learning Advisor.
  • This resource on case studies has some activities for improving writing skills.
  • Below are some external web sites that may be useful for developing your writing skills.

External resources

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