What is a CAN?

Your Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) contains information about your enrolment and your use of Commonwealth financial assistance. The notice is issued through myUNSW.

What information is displayed on the CAN?

Information relating to Commonwealth Assistance, including up front student contribution payments, HECS HELP, FEE-HELP, SA HELP or OS HELP:

Relevant details according to your career, e.g. Undergraduate, and the type of HELP you are receiving -

  • Units of study enrolled in at the census date for that notice (e.g. unit (Course) code BENV2941)
  • Census date
  • Total Equivalent Full time Student Load (EFTSL)
  • Student charge type, e.g. Student Contribution
  • Liability status, i.e. Upfront, deferred or partial payments
  • HECS-HELP debt
  • FEE-HELP assistance
  • FEE-HELP loan fee (applicable to undergraduate students)
  • OS-HELP assistance
  • SA-HELP assistance
  • SSAF amount

What information is not displayed on the CAN?

Full tuition fees are not displayed.

How often is a CAN produced?

The CAN is issued within 28 days after each teaching period's census date, each semester.

What do I do if there is a discrepancy?

You are required to check your CAN for any discrepancies and you have the right to request correction of information.

If you believe your CAN has incorrect enrolment details, e.g. you are enrolled in the wrong course or not enrolled in a course you are attending, and/or incorrect fees or student contribution charges, immediately contact the Student Financials Team on 9385 8500, or by email at [email protected].

You have 14 days from the CAN date of issue (top right corner) to contact UNSW to request checking of your enrolment and/or calculations. This time limit is set by the Department of Education, not UNSW, and cannot be changed.

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