Showcasing co-curricular achievements in a meaningful way alongside the formal degree provides our graduates with a competitive advantage as they enter the workforce. The university encourages all staff members engaging students in these activities to be part of a university wide effort to support and recognise our students through this process. 

These opportunities help students build on their skills and experiences for professional growth and job readiness. Employers seek candidates who demonstrate strong career readiness skills, as they are essential for workplace success in today's dynamic and competitive job market.

The key objectives of UNSW Advantage are to: 

  • Create a vibrant and world class co-curricular experience for students. 

  • Widen student participation and engagement in quality co-curricular activities to enhance employability.

  • Support all areas of the university in providing co-curricular professional development opportunities for students.

  • Ensure all university professional development activities and positions undertaken by students are recognised on their AHEGS. 

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