Are you a UNSW faculty or division currently offering a co-curricular activity or program to students? Are you a student organisation with an executive committee, or offering professional development or volunteering opportunities for your members? 

Nominate your co-curricular activities for recognition under UNSW Advantage to enhance the prestige of what you offer and authorise the activity and position(s) to be listed on participating students' official AHEGS. 

Why nominate

Showcasing co-curricular accomplishments alongside a formal degree gives graduates a competitive edge when entering their careers. The university encourages staff to support and acknowledge students' involvement in co-curricular activities. UNSW Advantage recognition highlights the program's quality as a professional development opportunity, attracting students seeking to improve their personal and professional profile. It also motivates students to commit to and complete programs to gain recognition on their AHEGS. 

Who can nominate

UNSW Staff 

Any UNSW Faculty, School or Division offering a co-curricular or professional development program are eligible to nominate an activity and its positions for inclusion within UNSW Advantage. 

Arc Clubs 

Several contributing members within a club are eligible to receive AHEGS recognition.  

Visit for more information and how to nominate 

Constituent Clubs 

Constituent Clubs (affiliated with a faculty) are entitled to nominate contributing members, and any volunteer opportunities or professional development programs. A faculty staff member must be appointed activity administrator, to support the nomination, ensure it meets eligibility criteria, maintain contact with students involved and verify their hours and participation.  


To ensure quality experiences are offered to students, and the integrity and calibre of AHEGS recognition is maintained, all activities are assessed through the nomination process as per the eligibility criteria outlined below. 

  • Be a university run co-curricular or professional development activity 

  • Involve practical activities that contribute to the university or wider community 

  • Demonstrate alignment with three or more of the Seven UNSW Advantages 

  • Have a minimum total commitment of 20 hours (including training) 

  • Involve an effective recruitment process, including mandatory training to sufficiently prepare participants to undertake the activity  

  • Be coordinated, supervised or monitored by a university staff member who can verify the hours undertaken and update the online database 

Note: Co-curricular activities with paid engagements are not eligible for AHEGS recognition.

Completing a nomination

The nomination form requires the following for an activity to be approved:  

Additional information for completing a nomination form:  

  • An activity administrator is needed to coordinate the activity. They ensure all students meet the 20-hour requirement and complete nominated activities. They'll validate students by uploading their zID via the Co-Curricular Online Service & Statement (CCOS) system before graduations. 

  • Senior approval to sign off on the activity and nomination. 

  • Select a minimum of three of the Seven Advantages: A1. Serve society, A2. Value diversity, A3. Foster collaboration, A4. Connect globally, A5. Embrace change, A6. Champion sustainability, A7. Continue learning   

  • Select positions for the activity and provide a position description for each. Positions available for nomination are: 

    • Activity Coordinator 

    • Arc Delegate  

    • Chairperson  

    • Coordinator  

    • Design Officer  

    • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer  

    • Events Officer  

    • Executive Member  

    • Grievance Officer  

    • Higher Duties Volunteer  

    • Indigenous Officer  

    • International Officer  

    • Marketing Officer  

    • Media Officer  

    • Mentee  

    • Mentor  

    • Participant  

    • Peer Support  

    • President 

    • Program Lead  

    • Program Officer  

    • Secretary  

    • Sponsorship Officer  

    • Sports Officer  

    • Student Representative  

    • Subcommittee Member  

    • Team Lead  

    • Treasurer  

    • Vice-President  

    • Volunteer  

    • Year Representative  

How to nominate

For new activities and recognition renewal complete the Activity Nomination Form

To add extra positions to recognised activities submit a Position Nomination Form


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