Professional Development Programs

Set yourself apart with employers!

If you are looking for a way to set yourself apart with employers, our professional development programs are designed to complement your degree and help you to build professional skills. Many of these programs have been approved by UNSW Advantage as eligible for recognition on your AHEGS.

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AccSoc Development Program

The AccSoc Development Program is one of the Accounting Society's initiatives in ensuring our community is prepared for the obstacles in their degree and the professional world.

Arc Philanthropy

Arc Philanthropy (Phil') volunteers put the fun in fundraising through bake sales, barbecues, the Charity Concert, Personal Challenges and the 24 Hour Fun-A-Thon. Phil' volunteers make a huge difference by uniting the…

Arc Wellness

Arc Wellness volunteers (Wellness Warriors) are a growing tribe of students making a difference. Wellness Warriors are passionate about spreading awareness about easy changes students can make in their daily lives to…

Australasian Union of Jewish Students

AUJS UNSW hosts a variety of campus events for Jewish students.

We provide a wide variety of political, social and educational activities based on our four pillars – Judaism, Zionism, Pluralism and Activism.

Australian Business Essentials

Australian Business Essentials is a personal and professional development program for UNSW Business School Postgraduate International Students.


Producing content by students for students, Blitz is UNSW's publication hub for everything pop culture, entertainment and What's On on campus.

The Blitz volunteer team is comprised of students meeting, planning and…

Business School Conversation Classes

The Business School Conversation Classes bring together students from various backgrounds to encourage networking and friendship, while fostering continuing conversation and communication development.

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