Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below and contact the UNSW Advantage team for any additional questions relating to co-curricular activities and AHEGS recognition:

Email: [email protected]

 Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view my UNSW co-curricular activity record on the Co-curricular Online Service (CCOS)?

Current students can access CCOS at

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Is volunteering within an external organisation eligible for UNSW Advantage?

Opportunities to volunteer within external organisations are not eligible for inclusion under UNSW Advantage. External organisations may be eligible to register as a Partner Organisation with Arc – UNSW Student Life.

Arc collaborate and engage with various not-for-profit partner organisations. Partner organisation volunteering activities that have been through a nomination and approval process can then be recognised on a student’s AHEGS. Further information on becoming a Partner Organisation with Arc is available here.

Are merit awards part of UNSW Advantage?

Merit awards for academic excellence, including Deans’ Lists, are not co-curricular achievements and are not eligible to be part of UNSW Advantage.  All academic awards, prizes or acknowledgements should be directed to UNSW Prizes.

Are paid engagements eligible for AHEGS recognition?

Co-curricular activities with paid engagements are not eligible for AHEGS recognition.

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