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VIP ChallENG | Join the MINEX Project

Join the project to explore how off-world robotics, wearable technology, and visualisation can bring the mining industry into the future!

Research robotics, VR/AR, and off-earth mining to change the way we mine.

VIP ChallENG | Join the Deep Earth Storage Project

Join this project to investigate the potential of geostorage as we aim for a zero-carbon future!

Develop a key technology for the transition to a zero-carbon future in the storage of fluids and gases in the subsurface (geostorage).

VIP ChallENG | Join the Carbon Neutral Engines Project

Join this project to develop e-fuels for carbon-neutral combustion.

Jump into developing systematic performance and emissions testing of engines running on e-fuels to achieve carbon neutral propulsion and power generation!

VIP ChallENG | Join the Degradable Batteries Project

End-of-life batteries are an emergent challenge to sustainability.

Join this project to help drive ground-breaking innovations to make batteries easy to recycle, degrade, and revive.

VIP ChallENG | Join the IoT United Engineering Project

The scale and diversity of the IoT and all the different smart systems on offer presents a myriad of challenges in management and integration.

This project is your chance to draw the strings together and create a centralised smart services integrator to improve the performance of the overall system.

VIP ChallENG | Join the NextGEN Energy Storage Project

Be part of the future energy solution! Energy is the driving force for all life on our precious planet.

A sustainable and clean energy future depends on our ability to efficiently store large amounts of energy.  


Dr Anthony S. Fauci on our common enemy

As Australia and the world struggle to re-emerge from the pandemic, political and societal divisions continue to surface.

As we struggle with these questions, Dr Anthony S. Fauci reminds us – “the common enemy is the virus, and we should all be fighting the virus and not fighting with each other”.

SJTU SCE International Summer Session 2021-2022

Delivery Mode: In-country

Program Type: Short Course (not for credit)

Destination: China

Program Dates: 13 December 2021 - 7 January 2022

Summary: Program intended specifically for students who are currently in China. SJTU SCE International Summer School (ISS) is offered by the School of Continuing Education (SCE) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The courses cover the field of Economics, Business, Social Sciences, Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences and more.

UNSW Application Deadline: 15 November 2021

SJTU SCE International Summer Session 2021-2022 Online

Delivery Mode: Online/Virtual

Program Type: Short course (not for credit)

Program Dates: 13 December 2021 - 7 January 2022

Summary: SJTU SCE International Summer School (ISS) is offered by the School of Continuing Education (SCE) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The courses cover the field of Economics, Business, Social Sciences, Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences and more.

UNSW Application Deadline: 15 November 2021

U21 Global Student Information sessions

Delivery Mode: Virtual / Online

Program Type: Information session

Webinar dates: 26 October, 28 October, 2 November or 3 November 2021

Summary: An opportunity for students to hear more about U21 Global Student programmes from internships to seed funding for projects. In particular there will be more information on U21 Sustainable micro-internships and the RISE showcase and awards. 

APRU “Global Perspectives on Anti-Asian Racism: Overcoming The Hate” Webinar Series

Delivery Mode: Virtual / Online

Program Type: Webinar

Webinar dates: 29 October and 18 November 2021

Summary:  While anti-Asian racism has already existed globally, the reemergence of geopolitical tensions, inequities and even violence are now in sharp focus because of the Covid-19 crisis and has revealed the rising and rampant hate. This is a critical time for understanding and serious dialogue. Bringing together university students, experts, and leaders, APRU universities are creating a space to share knowledge and experience to have difficult conversations across the Asia-Pacific region. This dialogue is designed to open the door for more understanding of racially targeted hate and the ways that these ideas circulate and have influence of our daily lives. 


2021 NTU Plus Academy Online AI Programs

Delivery Mode: Virtual/Online

Program Type:  Short Course

Program Dates: 1- 24 December 2021

Summary:  National Taiwan University is offering 3 programs designed for diverse learners to gain a basic understanding of AI or to study advanced cutting-edge AI applications. All programs are English-conducted and offered online.

UNSW Application Deadline: 8 November 2021

Korea University’s International Winter Campus (Online) 2021-2022

Delivery Mode: Online/ Virtual

Program Type: Short Course

Program Dates: 27 December 2021 to 14 January 2022

Summary: KU IWC provides a diverse and inclusive educational experience to empower college students for their future. Online Classes will be delivered via live-streaming with recordings available on-demand.

UNSW Application Deadline: 29 October 2021

ACICIS Virtual Public Health Study Tour Program - New Colombo Plan grants available

Delivery Mode: Virtual / Online

Program Type: Study Tour

Program Dates: Virtual Tour 2: 15-22 January 2022

Summary: A two-week intensive virtual program for students interested in learning about Australia’s nearest neighbour. Learn about the current public health challenges facing Indonesia, including the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as government, international and community-led initiatives tasked with meeting these challenges. Students undertake Indonesian language classes, interactive cultural activities and a series of seminars and tutorials led by experts in public health. NCP Virtual Mobility Grants are available to eligible students from UNSW.

UNSW Application Deadline: 27 October 2021

Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University Global Program 2021

Delivery Mode: In-country

Program Type: Short Course

Destination: China

Program Dates: 20 December 2021 - 7 January 2022

Summary:  Program intended specifically for students who are currently in China. Zhejiang University Global Program is a short-term program offering courses for international students and delivered by Zhejiang University. Students also are inspired to connect with the local and international community in this program through practical learning that focus on cross-culture, Asian business, rapid development of cities and some of the top enterprises in China.

UNSW Application Deadline: 29 November 2021

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