Changes to UNSW Campus Wi-Fi

UNSW Campus Wi-Fi is being upgraded for students and staff. Learn more about the changes you will have to make to transition your devices to the new Wi-Fi. 

Unlock the power of AI | New Business course!

Ready to unlock the power of AI? UNSW Business is offering a new Artificial Intelligence Fluency course in 2024, targeted to students with limited background in Information Systems.

MEXT Agile Entrepreneurship Development Program

Program Type: Short Course (Not for Credit)

Delivery Mode: Online/Virtual

Program Dates: January - February 2024

Program Fees: Free of charge

Summary: Opportunities for future leaders!

This program is an international, collaborative initiative lead by Hiroshima University, Japan, aimed at guiding students into agile entrepreneurship, nurturing internationally minded future professionals, who actively seek peace and who have the tools needed to take on future global challenges.

UNSW Application Deadline: Places are limited so apply as early as possible before 7 December 2023!

Comfort Food, Study Crams and Mood: How to survive this exam season

As university students, we all know that exam time can be stressful. Did you know that making small changes to your food habits can improve your stress levels, exam performance, and overall mood? Here's our three tips for making small changes with big results!

Order your food for later

Want to save time on the study grind? Order your food for later at these locations on campus!

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