You can choose from a wide range of for-credit and not-for-credit short program opportunities overseas.

Some of the terms and procedures related to earning credit can be a bit confusing so the information below gives a simple explanation to many frequently asked questions.

If you need further clarification, please email [email protected] with your queries – just make sure you include your name, student number and program of interest in the email.

Exchange place vs Direct enrolment

Find out how these differ

Exchange place

Some winter/summer programs at partner universities may be available to UNSW students on an ‘exchange‘ basis.

To be eligible, you must be nominated for an exchange place by UNSW Learning Abroad.

If you are nominated for an exchange place, you will:

  • be enrolled in an exchange course code and pay UNSW tuition fees for the number of credits you have been approved to take overseas. This will normally be 6 or 12 units of credit.
  • be covered by UNSW travel insurance while overseas on an approved exchange place program, and
  • not be required to pay tuition fees to the partner university.

Direct enrolment

With a ‘direct enrolment’, you will:

  • pay tuition fees directly to the overseas university.
  • covered by UNSW travel insurance, if you are approved for credit by your Faculty (through Cross-Institutional Study) before you depart.

How do I...

Receive approval for credit transfer?

  • When you apply for a short program, your Faculty will assess your eligibility for credit transfer.
  • Requests for credit transfer approval must be submitted prior to the program commencement. 
  • If the request is approved, you will receive a nomination email from UNSW Learning Abroad confirming this, along with any details and conditions specified by your Faculty.
  • If the request is declined, you will receive an email from UNSW Learning Abroad to notify you, and provide you with information on further options.

Check the credit has been added to my UNSW academic record?

  • When completing the overseas short program, you should request that the host institution send a copy of the academic transcript to UNSW Learning Abroad directly, at [email protected]. A postal address can be supplied if a hard copy of the transcript is issued.
  • Once the transcript has been received by UNSW Learning Abroad, the credit transfer will appear on your UNSW Academic Record approximately 5 weeks later.
  • Check your academic statement on MyUNSW to make sure it has been updated. Contact UNSW Learning Abroad if you have any queries.

Notes on credit transfer for overseas short programs

  • Approval for credit transfer is at the discretion of your UNSW Faculty
  • Approval for international study is not guaranteed
  • Approval requests are assessed for each students’ personal circumstances and study plans, in accordance with individual faculties' policies
  • Requests for credit transfer approval must be submitted prior to the commencement of the Learning Abroad program.
  • In general UNSW does not recommend using 3rd party providers to arrange a short course or study abroad opportunity if you intend to transfer the credit, with the exception of some approved companies. UNSW approved providers are advertised on the Learning Abroad Notices or go see our list of preferred suppliers.
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