As well as the traditional learning abroad through short courses and exchanges, UNSW schools and faculties offer connections to a variety of opportunities including conferences, field work, internships and volunteering.

Programs are promoted throughout the year:

UNSW Learning Abroad provides support to students wishing to take advantage of these opportunities in an international environment.

Students undertaking any learning abroad programs should register their travel with UNSW and undertake a risk assessment before heading overseas. For more information see How to prepare for departure.


Overseas internships offered through our partner universities are generally advertised on the Learning Abroad Notices.

Further information about Internships programs across UNSW can be found at: UNSW WIL Central, who provide a comprehensive guide to work integrated Learning (WIL) at UNSW. 

For more information on paid internships, internships for academic credit and volunteer internships, see Internships and Work Placements.


Taking advantage of volunteer opportunities abroad provides an international dimension to your skills. These add considerable value to your resume and enable you to present yourself as a high-value employee with interests and aptitudes beyond your studies.

For more information on community and overseas volunteering opportunities, see Community and Overseas Volunteering.

Third party providers

In addition to programs at our exchange partners, UNSW has selected some 3rd party providers which can assist to arrange a short course or study abroad opportunities. If you intend to transfer the credit, approval is not guaranteed and remains at the discretion of the Faculty. UNSW Preferred Providers include:

NOTE: All programs involve some degree of risk to participants. If you choose to use a provider, please do some research and ensure that the product they offer will meet your requirements. If you choose to source your own, please ensure that they are a legitimate organisation. Students are therefore advised to undertake their own risk assessment before departure and any participation in these programs is at their own risk.

Conferences, field trips and more

UNSW's International Partner Institutions and Networks offer a range of overseas opportunities including conferences, field trips and study tours. These opportunities are advertised on the Learning Abroad Notices page.

UNSW Schools and Faculties also offer connections to a variety of opportunities for students including international competitions, conferences and field studies.

Language programs and conversation skills

Here you can find opportunities for current students to studying foreign languages at UNSW.

Jobs boards

The following links are to Job Boards which may offer internship opportunities:

  • UNSW Careers Online - Jobs board featuring casual, part-time, contract, full-time, vacation, internship, industrial training and graduate positions.
  • Going Global - The Going Global website provides expert advice for finding jobs at home or abroad and resources from all of the world.
  • Lockin China - For students interested in a graduate job in China

Please note: UNSW does not endorse any third party provider internship programs and participation is at your own risk.

Need more information?

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