On this page, you can find undergraduate programs in the UNSW Medicine & Health Faculty available for Internal Program Transfer (IPT).

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Program Minimum
Program specific criteria
Code Name WAM UOC1 T1 T2 T3
3871 Exercise Physiology 65 36 Yes No No  
3880 International Public Health2 65 36 Yes Yes Yes Only domestic students can apply for transfer to this program.
3805 Medicine 50 36 Yes Yes Yes Only students in dual Arts / Medicine programs are permitted to apply.
3856 Medicine / Arts 65 36 Yes Yes Yes Only current Medicine students can apply.
3811 Science (Medicine) 50 36 Yes Yes Yes Only current Medicine students can apply.
3831 Medicine (Hons) 65 192 Yes Yes No  
3181 Vision Science 70 36 Yes No No  
3182 Vision Science/Clinical Optom 70 36 No No No  

1. Minimum UOC required includes courses completed and enrolled in.

2. Program 3880 is delivered fully online

Please note:

  • Applications will be considered based on information available at the time applications are assessed. As there is a specified period in which applications are assessed and a decision made, that decision cannot be delayed – i.e. it cannot be made after the assessment period has closed. Similarly, there is no provision for considering late results.
  • These programs are not available in Summer Term.
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