UNSW is committed to ensuring the integrity of our degrees for our graduates and adamantly opposes any activities that result in the creation of fraudulent documents or false representation of university studies.

While UNSW cannot speak to individual investigations or to any specific individual student file due to privacy legislation, any such accusations are accorded serious review and attention.

Examples of possible punitive actions might include expulsion, refusal to allow admission and possible legal action.

Where a student is found to have provided fraudulent documentation, the University will consider the record to be ‘on hold’ or suspended until the investigation is complete and a decision regarding the possible outcomes is communicated to the student. No refund of any tuition or deposit will be made whilst the investigation is ongoing.

Where a student is found to have provided fraudulent documentation as part of their application for admission and is excluded as a result, no refund will be made to the student unless the student has paid fees in advance for a period of study which has not yet commenced.


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