If you decide you no longer want to take a course that you've enrolled in, you can drop it. When you drop a course you are completely withdrawing from all lectures, tutorials, labs etc. that you have enrolled in for that course.

There are several deadlines you need to be aware of when considering dropping a course. Please check and consider these deadlines before you change your enrolment.

International students
It is a condition of your student visa that you be enrolled in 48 units of credit (UOC) in a year and at least 12 UOC in a term. If there are reasons why you cannot study 48 UOC in a year or 12 UOC a term you will need to apply to reduce your study load.

How to drop a course

Remember to check and consider these deadlines before you change your enrolment.

You can drop a course via myUNSW:

  1. Sign on to myUNSW, go to the My Student Profile tab then click Update your Enrolment from the left panel.
  2. Locate the relevant term/semester.
  3. Click the Drop button which appears alongside the relevant course.
  4. When the new window displays, to confirm you want to drop the course, click the Continue button.

myUNSW doesn't allow you to drop all the courses in your enrolment basket - you must still be enrolled in at least one course (except for Summer Term). If you do want to drop all the courses you've enrolled in so far, just leave one, then enrol in a new course, then go back and drop the last course.

If you’re getting a student payment from Centrelink, you also need to notify them within 14 days of any changes. Report your change of circumstances to avoid getting an overpayment.

How to drop all courses (leave your program)

myUNSW does not permit dropping of all courses. To drop all courses, you need to apply for either:

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