Procrastination is one of the main areas of concern for students. Learn more about procrastination and some strategies for how you can get the job done.


Amanda Rembach, a psychologist, delves into what procrastination is really about and has some useful tips for students on how to manage it. [Duration 2:42] Transcript



Students share their procrastination stories and offer some advice to all the procrastinators out there. [Duration 1:51] Transcript



Check out these great resources from around the web on procrastination.

Inside the mind of a master procrastinator: Tim Urban [Duration 14:18]. If 14 minutes seem like a long time check out his website here.


Self help Learning modules

Centre for Clinical Interventions: Procrastination - A fantastic online resource to help you overcome your procrastination step by step.  Check it out

Procrastination: award winning e learning module from Manchester University, UK


More videos

How to stop procrastinating, by watchwellcatch. [Duration 5:13]


Procrastination by the School of Life. [Duration 2:51]


Self reflection space

  1. What makes you procrastinate? 
  2. What can strategies can you adopt to prevent procrastination?
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