Animate Me

'Animate Me' showcases the work of UNSW Art and Design students as they explore key ideas affecting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of students.

The Stress bucket. By William Gembitsky and the Mind Smart animation team. Script development, Annie Andrews, Laura Kampel and Beverley Veasey, based on a concept developed by Stephen Rollnick, University of Cardiff.


Listening can help, Duration:3:02. Jeremy Chung, animation support Amy Vuong and Jess Lam. Concept Beverley Veasey and the Mind Smart animation team.


One small step. Concept Beverley Veasey, Animation by Jeremy Chung. [Duration 1:34]


Exercise and stress by Karen De Lara. [Duration 32 seconds]


Thoughts are just thoughts, Jess Lam.....[Duration 1:13].


Sleep and what happens if you don’t get it, by Amy Vuong. [Duration 1:39]



William Gembitsky, The perfectionist. [Duration 25 seconds]


Step outside your comfort zone to grow, by Tarana Purohit. [Duration 39 seconds]


Life is like a bicycle by Karen De Lara. [Duration 13 seconds]


Sleep is like a time machine to breakfast, by Jessica Lam. [Duration 0:21]


Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, by Amy Vuong


Courage is not the Absence of Fear by Jeremy Chung.


 Talent without discipline… Jeremy Chung. [Duration 0:12]


Create a life that feels good on the inside, by Amy Vuong. [Duration 0:15]


Be you, because everybody else is taken, by Amy Vuong. [Duration 0:29]

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