Growth Mindset

How we respond to setbacks and the challenges of uni life can determine whether we learn and grow or just stay the same. You can make the most of setbacks and challenges at uni by adopting a Growth Mindset. A Growth Mindset is essentially about learning how best to respond to challenges that come your way, now and into the future.

Students on setback

Students share their experiences of setbacks at uni and the strategies they use to move beyond them. [Duration 3:28]  Transcript


Understanding growth mindset

What is a Growth Mindset anyway and how can it help me? [Duration 3:07]  Transcript


Growth mindset strategies

Learn how to realize your potential with the Growth Mindset strategies in this animation. [Duration 2:21] Transcript


Bounce back stories

Dr John McGhee shares his story of the challenges he faced as a student along with tips on how to get the best out of learning at university. [Duration 1:49] Transcript



The power of believing that you can improve. Carol Dweck on Growth Mindset. A TED Talk. Duration

Growth Mindset interactive module

Manchester University’s Award winning Growth Mindset interactive module.

Video on Growth Mindset:


Video on Developing Growth Mindset of Carol Dweck:

Self Reflection space

1: Can you think of one area in your life you are already employing a growth mindset, maybe gaming, sport or work?

2: What might happen if you use the same strategies in thinking and engaging with a Uni?

3: What would be a small shift toward growth mindset look for you in everyday life?

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