University of Manchester

Here you can find information about our UNSW global partner: University of Manchester.

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UNSW Term of study:

Term 1 + 2, Term 3


United Kingdom

Type of study:

Student exchange

Relevant to UNSW Faculty/Discipline:

Business School, Engineering, Law & Justice, Science, Arts & Social Sciences (discipline)

Language of instruction:

Only English

Level of study:

Undergraduate, Honours, Postgraduate coursework

More information

The University of Manchester is among the top universities in the world and has an international reputation for its research. They are consistently placed amongst the top universities in the United Kingdom. Manchester is one of Britain's liveliest and most multicultural cities, buzzing with events, cinemas, exhibitions, clubs and bars that cater for every taste and background. It offers a vibrant world with which to engage during your exchange experience.

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