ESADE Ramon Llull University

Here you can find information about our UNSW global partner: ESADE Ramon Llull University.

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UNSW Term of study:

Term 1, Term 3



Type of study:

Student exchange

Relevant to UNSW Faculty/Discipline:

Business School, Law & Justice, Arts & Social Sciences (discipline)

Language of instruction:

Only English

Level of study:

Undergraduate, Honours, Postgraduate coursework

More information

Esade is a global institution structured as a Business School, a Law School, and an Executive Education area. It is known for the quality of its education, its international outlook, and its focus on holistic personal development. With strong ties to the business world, Esade stands out for its innovation and contribution to social transformation. Through innovation and creativity, Esade Business School provides a modern, innovative and inherently digitalized learning experience to train leaders capable of adapting to new ways of thinking and working, placing it among the world’s top business schools.  Esade Law School is Spain’s top private university for studying law.  In addition to specializing in law, they also offer courses in English in International Governance, Geopolitics, International Law and Economics.

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