Aalborg University

Here you can find information about our UNSW global partner: Aalborg University.

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UNSW Term of study:

Term 1 + 2, Term 3



Type of study:

Student exchange

Relevant to UNSW Faculty/Discipline:

Business School, Engineering, Science, Arts & Social Sciences (discipline)

Language of instruction:

Some English

Level of study:

Undergraduate, Honours, Postgraduate coursework

More information

Aalborg University is located in the northern part of Denmark, situated in the 3rd largest region in the country.  It has 5 faculties including Engineering, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Social Sciences and Humanities.  They offer 80-degree programs in English and their workload is measured in ECTS-credits.

Aalborg University is renowned as a leading university with problem-based learning and degrees with an interdisciplinary focus.  As part of this students work closely together to manage and complete a project, incorporating knowledge sharing, collective decision-making, academic discussions, action coordination and mutual critical feedback. 

Aalborg University is a dynamic and innovative research and educational institution orientated towards the surrounding world.  It combines a keen engagement with local, regional and national issues along with an active commitment to international collaboration.  Along with their strong international profile and their persistent dedication in the pursuit of excellence, Aalborg University offers a supreme educational experience across a broad spectrum of academic fields.  Watch the Aalborg University video to see it for yourself.

Travel scholarships may be available for UNSW exchange students.  

For more information about this institution refer to the Exchange Tutorial or visit: http://www.en.aau.dk 

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