Your O-Week Checklist

If you’re a UNSW Online student, your orientation looks a little different. Check to see how you can make the most of your orientation week and that you’re all set up to begin your studies! 

1) Accept or defer your offer 

Inform the University of your intention to take up your offer to study at UNSW.  

If you need any help accepting or deferring your offer, contact our Enrolment Advisors at [email protected] or call 1300 974 990.

2) Enrol in your courses for the academic year

Select and enrol in your specific courses. It is generally advised that students enrol for the academic year, to ensure they are fully prepared, can plan for success, and avoid forced study gaps due to course availabilities. Once you have enrolled into your course, you will also need to register for your class – WEB (online). Registering for a class is required to confirm your enrolment.  

Watch this video on how to accept/enrol for more information.  

If you need any help enrolling in courses, contact our Enrolment Advisors at [email protected] or call1300 974 990. 

3) Set up your IT 

Activate your student ID (zID) through Identity Manager, set up your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), student email account and Moodle access, and download the Uni-Verse App.  

Email – It's important that you set up your UNSW student email account as all correspondence from UNSW will be sent there moving forward.      

Moodle – Moodle is the central location for all your courses and assessments. Your course content will be available after midday on the first day of O-Week and it is important that you access your courses and explore Moodle as soon as possible. 

Visit IT for students for more information.  

4) Read your Welcome Email and Welcome Pack 

The Welcome Pack has all the information you need to get started.  

If you haven’t received your Welcome Pack yet, reach out to your Success Advisor. 

5) Have a Welcome Call with your Success Advisor

We recommend you chat with your Success Advisor about upcoming orientation events and essential resources to get you started on the right foot.

Book your Welcome Call!

6) Attend the Orientation Webinar 

This webinar will help you get oriented with UNSW Online, Moodle, and the various support teams and resources available.  

If you haven’t yet registered, reach out to your Success Advisor who can let you know when upcoming webinars are scheduled and provide you with the registration link. 

7) Attend the Making Connections Webinar 

This webinar is your opportunity to chat with your Program Director, Faculty Representatives, Student Advisors, as well as your fellow students. 

If you haven’t yet registered, reach out to your Success Advisor who can let you know when upcoming webinars are scheduled and provide you with the registration link. 

8) Say hello to your fellow students on Program Hub  

You can access Program Hub through Moodle, and this is where you’ll find past course outlines and discussion boards. These discussion boards and forums are a great way for you to connect with your other students studying in your program.  

You can find the link to your Program Hub in your Welcome Email. 

9) Complete the ELISE Quiz 

Completing the ELISE quiz is mandatory for all commencing students and is designed to introduce new students to UNSW.

You must complete the ELISE quiz by the end of Week 1 of your first Hexamester. 

10) Register for the Library 101 Webinar 

UNSW Library is here to help with all your questions as you begin your studies. Join the Library 101 Webinar in Week 1 to meet the Library team and learn about the services available to support your studies.  

Details about how to register for the event will be available on Program Hub during O-Week. 

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