Student Communications Requests

The Student Information & Communications Team liaise with key student engagement colleagues and special project teams on campus to create consolidated and streamlined student communications in a tone and voice that students can relate to.

With a focus on relevance versus volume, our goal is to deliver targeted communications via appropriate channels that achieve maximum impact while reducing noise. 

Get in touch with us via the form below to help shape your messages and deliver them to the right students at the right time via the right channels. 

Request Form


Planning to survey students? Please note before any communications to current students on surveys can commence, you must seek approval from the Student Survey Reference Group (SRG). For more information and to submit an approval form, see here.

Got something bigger in mind? A full campaign or a communications plan? Contact us and we will be in touch. 

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If you have a staff-related request, you should contact DEE

In the meantime, you can find information on our channels below:


Student News

The Student News is a weekly email send to all current and enrolled students and features a range of information and events relevant to students. We can filter the information in the student newsletter to specific faculties and cohorts so that the information is more relevant and targeted to the receiver.

We require at least one week's notice for student news content.

If you can provide a picture with your news and notices, minimal or no text is best, and the preferred size is 800 (W) x 600 (H).

You can find the publishing schedule here and you can find previous editions of the Student News here

Current student site

The current student site can be utilised for banners, events and notices. Should you need edits to current pages, notices or events, please submit a request outlining the change, including the page link. 

Uni-verse app

The University's very own Uni-verse app can be utilised for carousel banners that point to more information about your news or event. In some cases, and at our discretion, Uni-verse can also be used for alerts. Universe has a Sydney-Student profile and a public-facing profile.

The public-facing profile is great for promoting public events like lectures and musical performances, and things like parking information and guest WiFi. The student profile is for need-to-know student information.

Carousel banners require an image at least 900 (W) x 600 (H) and a link to more information. On-campus images featuring UNSW students is preferred but if you are unable to provide these, we can source images for you. 


While it is our goal to reduce the amount of emails students are receiving (some students have reported receiving up to 50 emails per week), there are instances where an email is appropriate. We have access to dynamic lists that are extremely accurate and that remove the risk of sending emails to inappropriate people (such as graduates). We can also target emails very specifically with various filters and tags.

If you are thinking about sending an email (particularly an email to all students), get in touch with us to see what your options are and how we can help you to deliver your message to the right audience with maximum impact. 

Social Media

We run the UNSW Students Facebook page and the UNSW Students Instagram account. Where the corporate social channels promote general UNSW-related information that appeals to current students, future students and their parents, our pages are aimed at current students only. We connect current students with important academic information, campus alerts, updates and notices, and other events and opportunities students may be interested in. We also promote student surveys and competitions. 

Faculty Noticeboards

Faculty Noticeboards are a great way to put all of your upcoming faculty information and events in one place so that students can simply visit the noticeboard to be updated at any time. The noticeboards are particularly useful during periods when there are no newsletter sends (i.e. end of term) and information can be displayed for as long as needed.  You can find the faculty noticeboards here. Usually, when we put something up on the faculty noticeboards, we like to include a note in the Student News so students are aware new information has gone up. 

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