All scheduled lectures delivered at Echo360/LR+ enabled venues are recorded automatically, unless the instructor has opted out of recordings.

The instructor generally posts links to these recordings in the corresponding Moodle course. 

Most large teaching spaces are Echo360/LR+ enabled. You can check if a venue has this facility at UNSW Lecture Recordings enabled venues

The schedule of Echo360/LR+

This section introduces normal recording and other recording requests.

Lectures will be automatically scheduled and recorded if it is:

    • In an Echo Enabled Venue. A list of Echo Enabled Venues can be found here.
    • Within Weeks 1-10 of term (Weeks 1-12 of semester for UNSW Canberra)
    • Setup as Lecture or Seminar component in Timetabling

The recording starts at 5 minutes past and concludes at 5 minutes before hour. For example, lecture running from 9am to 11am will be recorded from 9:05am to 10:55am. 

Note: Tutorials, Laboratories and other timetabled events are not recorded. 

Lecture Recordings and Playback

Lecture recordings, availability and how to view recordings.


Before using Echo360/LR+ service, you should know:

    1. When: In most cases, recordings will be available within a few hours of the lecture. This depends on the length of the lecture and the number of recordings in the queue to be processed.
    2. What: Not all instructors choose to share lecture recordings. They may choose to opt-out of lecture recording completely, share lecture recordings only with students who are sick or are off-campus, or only release lecture recordings prior to the exam period, for revision purposes. Keep in mind that an instructor can choose to remove view/download access to a recording at any time.
    3. How: Lecture recordings are shared through links within your Moodle course. The exact location of the link depends on the instructor. 
    4. Other: We strongly recommend leaving the podium area before having a private conversation with any individuals in order to protect your privacy.

View recordings

To view lecture recordings, please follow steps below:

    1. Open your Moodle course
    2. Click on the Echo360/LR+ link that your instructor has shared, to view the list of online classrooms.

    3. Enter a classroom by clicking on the lecture title
      • The icon  indicates the availability of the recording and appears green when available.
      • The icon indicates the availability of the slides for the lecture

Lecture Recording controls



Playback bar. Use the fast forward/rewind button to adjust the recording by 10 seconds. 
Mute/unmute audio, or hover over the icon and drag the slider to adjust the volume level.
Toggles which video sources are displayed.
Open the closed caption if it is enabled.
Adjust the quality and speed of the playback.
Change the layout of the playback.

Download lecture recordings

To download lecture recordings, please follow steps below:

  1. In your Moodle course, navigate to the lecture recordings you want to download and click the Play icon .
  2. From the drop-down menu, click Download Original
  3. You can download video or audio in different qualities.
  4. You can also download the lecture slides by clicking the Presentation icon .

Note: Changes made by the lecturer to the original presentation such as adding interactive question slides are not part of the download file. Question slides can only be reviewed online inside the Echo360/LR+ classrooms.

Quick reference guide

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