Will my computer work with UNSW Lecture Recordings+?

The UNSW Lecture Recordings+ service allows you to to participate in a lecture as it occurs, watch a lecture recording online after it has occurred, or download media files to your computer for later viewing. The media types available will vary according to the equipment in the lecture room, and the recording preferences your lecturer configures.

To use the various capabilities of the UNSW Lecture Recording+, certain system settings and browsers are required. The sections below describe our recommended device specifications.

Supported browsers and operating systems

Recommended versions


Recommended browsers include:

  • Google Chrome - Most recent version
  • Firefox - Most recent version
  • Safari - Most recent version
  • Internet Explorer 11 and higher (including Edge, the Windows 10 native browser)

Recommended browser settings:

  • Cookies should be enabled (failure to do so can result in the system asking you to login again)
  • Pop-ups should be allowed
  • Javascript should be enabled

Recommended browser behaviour:

  • Add-ons and toolbars can affect any browsers performance and it is recommended that these are not installed where possible
  • Browser cache can become corrupted over time and it is recommended that you clear your browser cache before contacting technical support

Operating Systems

Recommended operating systems:

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • OS X Yosemite/El Capitan/macOS Sierra

For more information, visit System Requirements

Bandwidth requirements

Do you need to download the lecture recordings?

The minimum bandwidth for Full Rich Media Playback is 144 KBps. If your connection is slower than this, consider downloading the audio video recording.

For more information, visit Data Rate and Usage

Playing downloaded audio or video recordings of your lecture

Got the right software?

The downloaded audio recording of a lecture will play on any mp3 player, as well as on a wide range of audio players on your computer or mobile device.

Downloaded video recordings will play on an iPad, iPod or any mobile device that allows video to be played. As with the audio, the video file will also play on your computer using a range of different software players. If you don’t already have suitable software on your computer, VLC player is a free program for Windows and OSX that plays a wide range of file types.

Media types produced by Echo360

Files and how to view them
File Type Description How to View File Format
Full Rich Media Playback A synchronised multimedia presentation of the captured lecture, which combines audio, video and presentation visuals

Click the lecture recording (when it is made available) to watch the full multimedia presentation online in your web browser. 

Web streaming
Lecture Audio An audio-only file  Download this file and play it on your computer, tablet or mobile device. mp3 file
Lecture Video A video file containing the screen visuals and audio captured from the lecture Download this file and play it on your computer, tablet or any mobile device that allows video to be played. mp4 file

For more information, visit View and Download Lecture Recordings.

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