Active learning tools

Students can use a range of active learning / study tools available to supplement their studies both during and outside of a lecture. 

These tools are:

Icons Function
Note Panel - allows you to take notes during a lecture, matching them to the corresponding lecture slides displayed when a note is added. Combined with the Search function.
Discussion Panel - allows you to post questions to the Discussions panel for the lecturer and your peers anonymously
Add a new question to the Discussions panel.
Bookmark - allows you to identify classroom material you want to return to later.
Confusion Flags - allows you to identify classroom material that you find confusing or for which you need more explanation


In the class list page, you can use Search to search keywords contained in your Notes and the Discussions panel.


Time-stamped Note-Taking Functionality

In the note taking feature, you can take time-stamped notes next to either the recording or any slides which allows you to revisit particular content later.

Download your own study guide

All of your classes can later be accessed through the student study guide.

This will allow you to play back pieces you have bookmarked or written notes against and provide opportunities for assessment review. These notes can also be downloaded if you wish to use them with another tool.

To download your own Study Guide, please follow the steps below:

  1. Access the lecture recordings list through the link on your Moodle course page and click Study Guide at the top right of the page. 
  2. Click Download. You will be asked to select which notes you want to download.
  3. Use the drop-down menu to select the lecture notes and click Download.


  • The downloaded notes will retain the slide numbers and timestamps. 
  • Bookmarks do not get downloaded along with your notes. The purpose of bookmarks is to take you directly to a slide or point in the recording when you are reviewing your notes online after the class. Clicking a bookmark will display the slide or play the recording in the Study Guide screen.

Live streaming

You can view Livestream classes in real-time.

Following the steps below:

1. Access the Echo360/LR+ link via your Moodle course page and navigate to your live stream class. The live class appears with a LIVE badge next to the class name. If the class is happening now, the LIVE badge is green.

2. Click on Show Live Stream on the bottom left of the screen to see the stream (live streams will not auto-play)

3. If you fall behind the livestream, you can catch back up to live by clicking on the icon in the bottom left


  1. It is highly recommended that you live stream a lecture using desktop or laptop computer.
  2. For the best experience, Chrome or Firefox browsers are recommended.
  3. Questions and Comments can be posted anonymously, so your name will not be visible to fellow students but visible to the instructor.

For more information, please see Viewing Live Streaming Classes.

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