UNSW Lecture Recordings Service issues

In the scenario where both staff and students are unable to access the UNSW Lecture Recordings+ service, or have a degraded service, it is likely that a wider spread issue is occurring. We recommend that you:

  • Contact the IT Service Centre on 51333 or (02) 9385 1333, or via email to [email protected] 

    The UNSW IT Service Centre will notify relevant parties, including the UNSW TELT Support team of any issues.

Uniwide connectivity issues

The UNSW Lecture Recordings+ service depends on a minimal level of wireless bandwidth being available to students, so that you can download the powerpoint at the start of the lecture, answer interactive questions and write/save notes.

At the start of the lecture, many students will typically be connecting to the University's wifi service and downloading lectures. Due to the high usage during this time, the bandwidth may be slow resulting in slower downloads but this should return to normal within a couple of minutes. 

If you continue to have issues throughout the lecture, we recommend that you:

Student device issues

Some students may have issues with their personal device, such as corrupt browser cache, or a security software may be blocking the website. This will typically only affect a small fraction of students in the class, which should distinguish the issue from other issues such as wifi or service issues. 

Such issues can be incredibly hard to troubleshoot in real-time, due to the nature of the lecture, the variability of the student device and history, and the scale of students in a lecture theatre.

For this reason, where possible, the best options are:

  • Try another web browser as a work-around
  • Contact the IT Service Centre after the lecture on 02 9385 1333 (so that they can perform basic troubleshooting and rule out common issues)
  • Contact an external IT professional to perform advanced troubleshooting
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