What's in it?

Your fee statement (Confirmation of Enrolment, Statement of Student Debt) is generated each term/semester/hexamester enrolment detailing your tuition and student services and amenities fees.

Access your fee statement on myUNSW portal

International students can use their fee statement to confirm their enrolment and fees at UNSW.

How often are statements updated?

An initial statement is produced approximately two weeks before the start of term/semester/hexamester, listing your enrolment and fee due dates.

Subsequent changes to your enrolment, payments or tuition will be reflected within 24 hours. Check your most recent statement for up-to-date information (refer to the date on the statement).

I am enrolled in two programs, but only one is showing on my statement.

Fee statements are provided for each career you are enrolled in. For example, if you are enrolled in an award program (i.e. career = Undergraduate, Postgraduate or Research) and a non-award program (i.e. career = Non-Award), you will see statements for both careers. The fee details will be attached to your enrolment in each career.

If you are enrolled in more than one program in a single career, i.e. two undergraduate programs, then only your primary program will be listed on your fee statement.  However, all courses for which you are enrolled under that career will be listed.

I dropped all my courses for a semester before the census date. Can I view a statement to indicate this?

If you enrol and a fee statement has been generated for you and then before the census date you:

  • withdraw from all courses, or
  • take approved program leave, or
  • formally discontinue your program 

then you will not retain a liability, as charges are only held against active enrolment.

If you require confirmation that fees have not been charged for a particular term/semester/hexamester, please email [email protected].

Can I request a hard copy of my statement?

If for example, you have a disability that prevents you from accessing your statement online, please contact the Student Financials Team to discuss your requirements.

If you need an official UNSW stamp on your fee statement, you can take your printed statement to The Nucleus: Student Hub.

What about for my employer, who pays my fees/student contributions?

Your fee liability (the amount you owe) to UNSW is always your responsibility, even if a third party will be paying your tuition fees/student contributions. Payment must be received by the published due dates for each semester/term.

The statement shown on myUNSW is the official UNSW statement. It holds all of the details and information your employer needs to make payments towards your fees and to claim any taxation benefits.

To enable your employer to make the payments on your behalf or reimburse you, you will need to print the following:

  • The Fee Statement page (first page). This page displays the UNSW logo, customer reference number, charges, and the course and enrolment details of your program.
  • The Statement Information page: to access click Payment Options on the Fee Statement page. Here you will find the ABNs required for payment and taxation purposes.

If you are under official sponsorship arrangements, the sponsor is invoiced directly by UNSW Finance Department.

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