Student Exchange Testimonial: Tim

Partner University:

CEPT University, India


Interior Architecture 


I chose India and CEPT because I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to learn within an eastern context and in a land so rich in culture, patterns, symmetry and, of course, colour! Another factor was that India is a hugely overcrowded place and, as Sydney is becoming overcrowded, why not learn about some of the methods which are employed here?

This exchange has taught me an immense amount, through the rich pool of knowledge, not only at CEPT University but the city of Ahmedabad itself. It has generations of artisans who each have an amazing story to tell and are eager to share the knowledge of their craft.

Having both UNSW and CEPT on my resume is a great stepping-stone to many extremely prestigious firms which are more than happy to take you onboard and train you. Not only has it been an incredibly rich education experience, it has introduced me to people who I am eager to connect and work with in the future.  The faculty members have a wealth of knowledge and I can just see myself seeking their advice down the track.

I recommend exchange for any student wanting to expand their creative practice.

Experiences shape you as a person and how you design, so if you're given the privilege to go on exchange, give it a shot and enjoy the ride. It is definitely a rich, character-refining experience and lots of fun.

I have learnt so much about the crafts in Ahmedabad and gained a family of like-minded people on this intimate campus.


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