Off-Campus Final & Supplementary Exams

Off-campus final and supplementary exams are completed online and from a remote location e.g., at home. This includes exams that run for 45 minutes, 2 hours, 24 hours, and for take-home exams of 48 hours or longer. 

We recommend you visit UNSW's Final Exams website for more information about what to do to prepare for your final and supplementary exams.

IT support for Inspera and Safe Exam Browser (SEB)

During Term, for in-term and practice Inspera/SEB tests/issues, please phone the EdTech IT helpdesk support on +61 2 9385 1333, press 2 for EdTech and then tell the Nucleus that you need help with Inspera.

During the final and supplementary exam sessions, you can contact the Exams Team directly, for centrally managed Inspera exams only (these will have Inspera as the platform in your timetable).

Contact the Exams Team +61 2 9058 2453 or complete this online form.

This number and form are only monitored during the Final and Supplementary Exam periods, Monday to Saturday, 8:00am - 6:00pm (AET). Outside these times you can email [email protected]



Students should NOT contact their teachers directly during an exam, nor will teachers be providing any direct support on the Exam Day. The Exams Team will track and manage any and all enquiries or special circumstances for centrally-timetabled, off-campus and on-campus final and supplementary exams e.g., approved extra time, technical issues, exam errors etc. 

It is very important that you contact the Exams Team DURING your exam. That way we can troubleshoot your issue and, where necessary, provide extra time. 


System Requirements

Make sure to check your Operating System and Internet Browser before attempting an assessment/exam with Inspera. Install new versions of the browsers and enable the following:

  • Cookies
  • Popups (in both internet browser and security software)
  • Javascript

You do not require Safe Exam Browser (SEB) for any remote exam.

Inspera should be accessed by any of the two most recent stable versions of the following web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari

There are some Inspera questions that WILL NOT work on a tablet. Tablets and iPads are not supported devices regardless of the system requirements. 

Accessing Inspera

Log directly into Inspera.

If, on the day of your exam, your test is not in Inspera, please contact the Exams team immediately.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

UNSW is implementing MFA for staff and students. MFA provides an additional layer of security to help protect the University and your account (zID) from unauthorised access. You must have access to your smartphone in case you are prompted for MFA before your assessment. Click here to find out more! 

Appearance & Accessibility

Click the hamburger icon on the top right corner of your test page to access the appearance options. You can change the colour of the screen, adjust the text size, and use "Text to Speech" if this feature is made available for your assessment or exam.  For more details, download the information guide or watch this short video on Inspera's appearance and accessibility features.

Completing your exam in Inspera

As long as you have internet connection, Inspera will save your answers within your test, every 30 seconds or so. That means you can close the test, or your browser, and reopen it, whether you come back after 10 minutes or 24 hours (depending on your exam opening time). It also means, that you can open your test in another browser, on another computer, and the work that was saved previously will be there.

For the duration of your exam, whether it is 45 minutes or 48 hours, as long as you have internet and the exam is open, you can close your test or browser and your answers will be saved for when you return.

If the test ends before you return, then your saved answers will be automatically submitted.

However, if you lose internet then the answers that have been entered since you lost connectivity are only saved in your browser (while your browser is open), and you should either wait till your internet returns to close it, or, if your test ends before then, you should save a copy of your test to send to the Exams Team. See Network Issues below for instructions.

Submitting Final & Supplementary Exams


Auto-submission is enabled by default for all centrally timetabled Inspera final and supplementary exams.

When completing a final / supplementary exam at home with auto-submission enabled, Inspera will automatically submit your answers at the designated exam end time, even if you have NOT clicked the Submit now button. When you submit your final / supplementary exam from home, a message will show that is has been submitted.




If you have NOT submitted your assessment by the end-time, a message will appear on your screen. Your test will auto-submit at the end-time.




File Upload

File upload is when students write the answer in an external software, such as Excel or Word, and upload the final answer as a file in the question.

This question type does not save if there is a loss of connection to the internet during a test. It is recommended that students reupload their assignment once they establish an internet connection.

Contact exam support immediately if you are unable to upload the file or re-establish an internet connection before your final / supplementary exam closes. 




Accessing Results & Feedback

You will receive your final grades via myUNSW. Final grades are released one week after the end of exam period.

Network Issues

Check your assessment instructions for whether there are specific directions to follow should you lose connectivity during your final / supplementary assessment. If unclear, please check with your teacher.  

If you lose connectivity, stay calm! Do not panic. Your answers are saved in the browser cache you are using. Keep doing your test. Any changes or additions to your answers will be saved in your browser and will be uploaded to Inspera when your Internet reconnects. For a general process on what to do, this Network Issues During Off-Campus Final & Supplementary Exams Guide contains instructions you can choose to follow in the event you cannot reconnect to the internet for the remainder of your final / supplementary exam. 


  • Don't close your browser
  • Don't clear your browser cache
  • Don't switch computers
  • The most recent answers are auto-submitted at the end of the test, even if you don't click the submit button or make changes later.
  • If you still don't have internet at the end of the exam, download a copy of your exam and send it to [email protected]




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