Welcome to Inspera at UNSW!

This page is to assist you in familiarising yourself with using Inspera. We have put together instructions, information and resources for students, and collated these depending on which type of assessment or exam you are completing through Inspera. 

Inspera: Overview for Students

Inspera FAQs

Digital Assessments

Is the Inspera Digital Assessment Platform only for final exams?

Apart from final exams, Inspera can also be used for supplementary final exams and in-term assessments (e.g., weekly quizzes, essay sub​missions, reports etc.)

Is the Inspera Digital Assessment Platform replacing existing systems such as Moodle, Blackboard or Turnitin?

​No, Inspera is an additional resource to the current UNSW student systems. The purpose of a digital assessment platform is to provide a primary site to host online assessment. It does not replace learning sites or specialist feedback systems.

If I have specific requirements and have registered with the Equitable Learning Services, will I be able to do an exam in Inspera?

​If you have registered with the Equitable Learning Services, we will have an understanding of your adjustment requirement and will work with you to ensure that you are able to complete your exam using the Inspera platform, or an alternative will be arranged.

Email your course convenor/course authority your ELP by Week 1 of term to ensure your adjustments are in place for in-term assessments.

How can I provide feedback about using Inspera?

​Students will be surveyed after taking an Inspera assessment. There may also be some voluntary student focus group opportunities. You can also provide feedback at any point through [email protected]. The information you provide is extremely valuable for UNSW.

What is the Inspera platform?

Inspera is specialist software that hosts online assessments and exams in a similar way to how Moodle hosts your course content.  The questions in the assessment are still set and marked by your teacher.

Using Inspera as a platform for online assessment will help to provide a simple, standard way for students to access online assessment.

What do I do if I think I have lost some of my answers?

For in-term assessments, contact your teacher immediately if you think you have lost any answers.

For final and supplementary exams, contact the Exams Team immediately on +61 2 9058 2453 or email [email protected]. Make sure to include your name, ZID, course code, and take screen shots of your issue to help us resolve any problems.​

Getting ready for the exam

What do I need to do to get ready for the final / supplementary exam or assessment?

For your in-term assessments, please refer to your assessment instructions in your course outlines/course documentation. If unclear, ask your teacher.

For final / supplementary exams, read the information on the Inspera Student page carefully to familiarise yourself with the Inspera platform. Also check out the Exams website for details about taking final exams at UNSW.

Can I opt to do the exam by paper?

All students as directed by their teacher will complete their exams through Inspera. 

How do I begin my exam?

You will access your exam directly through Inspera. Login here

You will be taken to an Inspera page which will automatically open the exam. You then click on “Start test” to begin the exam. The timer will start counting down after this. All exams have been scheduled for at least 10 minutes longer to allow everyone to log in and get settled. 

Do I need to install any software onto my computer to use Inspera?

We recommend that you have installed Microsoft Teams on your device. If you run into any issues, the support team may ask you to screen share through MS Teams to assist you with the Inspera issue.

For on-campus invigilated final and supplementary exams, you will need to install Safe Exam Browser on your device before completing your exam and bring this same device to your exam. Failure to install SEB on your device before the exam may result in your being unable to take your exam. 

What do I do if I arrive to my exam late?

​​​It is important that you are ready to log in to your assessment/exam before the scheduled start time.

For in-term assessments, contact your teacher. 

For final/supplementary exams, contact the Exams Team on +61 2 9058 2453 8am-6pm AEDT or email [email protected]. If you have an on-campus invigilated exam, raise your issue with one of the supervisors/invigilators on site.

For any extenuating issues outside of your control,  you will be required to apply for special consideration, which will require supporting documentation.

I do not have a laptop that I can use for my exam, what should I do?

The UNSW Main/Law Library laptop borrowing service has laptops with appropriate processing power and with all necessary software installed, including Safe Exam Browser (SEB).

Why are personal laptops permitted to be brought into the exam venue?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) exams allows students to use their own laptop over an unfamiliar device in an exam setting. If, however, you do not want to use your own laptop, you are free to borrow a UNSW Main/Law Library laptop.

During the exam

Does the count down timer start when the exam is scheduled to begin, or when I first connect?

​​The countdown timer starts once you click 'Start Test' button.​

Can I take a bathroom break during my exam?

​For off-campus (online) exams, we recommend that you take a bathroom break before you begin your exam. If you need to take a break you may. However, this time is considered as part of your exam time. You will not be able to pause your exam timer.

For on-campus invigilated exams, please alert an exam supervisor if you need the bathroom. This time is also considered as part of your exam and the time is not paused.

Can I see the time I have left in an exam?

Yes, while you are connected to the internet, you will see a countdown timer in the upper left corner. This timer starts when you start the exam.

Importantly, the timer keeps on counting down even if you are not connected to the internet.

Do I get reading time at the start of an exam?

​You may be given 15 minutes extra time for your exams when using Inspera. Please make sure you are ready to take your exam at the time indicated in the final exam timetable. The timetable will indicate if you have the extra time.

Can I begin answering questions straight away after beginning the exam?

Yes, you can begin answering the questions straightaway after clicking ‘Start test’.

Will I get a warning when my exam is ending?

​No, Inspera will not give you a warning as your exam is ending. However, there is a countdown timer in the upper left corner so that you are aware of how much time is remaining.

Importantly, the timer keeps on counting down even if you are not connected to the internet.

What happens if I do not finish my exam in the allocated time?

​As long as you remain connected to the internet, Inspera will submit your exam automatically when the allocated time to complete the exam expires.

For on-campus invigilated and supplementary exams that require the use of Safe Exam Browser, you will have to manually submit your answers at the designated finish time. Invigilators will be there to ensure no student continues to work on their test. 

Can I use approved dictionaries and calculators?

Your teacher will provide you with instructions as to what materials are best used to complete your assessment or final/ supplementary exam.

We recommend you carefully read the information contained on the page ​What You Can Take Into Exams​ for all final/supplementary exam information.

Note: Copying material that you have not written without attribution constitutes academic misconduct. Should any form of academic misconduct be detected, breaching the Student Code of Conduct and Values, the University may take disciplinary action under the Complaints Management and Investigations Policy and Procedure.

How do I navigate between questions? E.g. go back, highlight, flag, etc.

You can navigate between questions via the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen. This means you can go backwards and forwards in the question list, as well as attempt questions in a different order should you prefer. 

You can flag questions to remind yourself to go back to a question later if this functionality is enabled by your teacher.

We recommend you take the time to complete our demo test to familiarise yourself with Inspera.

Can I submit my test answers after the scheduled close time?

​​​In most cases, your assessment will be set to automatically submit your answers, provided you are online.

For in-term assessments, contact your teacher if you have any issues with submitting your assessment. 

For final and supplementary exams held during the final exam period, you can call the Exams Team phone line (Mon-Sat, 8am - 6pm AEDT "Australian Eastern Daylight Time") on +61 2 9058 2453.​

There will also be an online support form made available during the final and supplementary exam periods. 

What if I am sick during a scheduled exam?

​If you cannot continue with your exam because you become ill, please refer to the UNSW Special Considerations web page​ to learn about special considerations.

What happens if I lose my internet connection?

​​Please ensure you have internet connection before taking your Inspera assessment. Refer to the Network Issues guides within your respective assessment/exam type sections on the Inspera Student page. These contain recommended steps on what to do if you cannot regain internet connection for the remainder of your assessment/exam.

What do I do if I experience technical issues during my final and/or supplementary exams?

​During the final and supplementary exam period, there are various forms of support students can access to get help. 

​If you are taking Inspera exams remotely and need assistance, contact the Exams Team on +61 2 9058 2453 8am-6pm AEDT or email [email protected]

If you are taking face-to-face exams on campus, you will be supported by specialist invigilators, as well as the technical support team, who have a range of options to address any scenarios, including having available some replacement laptops.

What do I do if there is a major disruption during my exam? (such as a fire alarm, evacuation etc.) 

If there is a major disruption and you are unable to complete your exam, you may be required to apply for special consideration which will require supporting documentation. 

Who do I contact if I have questions?

​​​​​Please contact your teacher for in-term assessments. 

For your final and supplementary exams, contact the Exams Team on +61 2 9058 2453 between 8am-6pm AEDT during the final exam period. Prior to your final/supplementary exam, please email the exams team at [email protected] for any questions related to your Inspera final/supplementary exam. 

Am I able to finish my exam early? 

Students can submit and leave the exam at any point. It is recommended you click “Submit and return to dashboard” on the last page. If there is still time remaining, the “Start my exam” option will be available on your dashboard so you can re-enter the exam.

For students taking their assessment on-campus under invigilation, you will need to properly quit Safe Exam Browser. Please read more information ​here​. 

How do I check if my submission was successful?

​If a student wants to check if something has been submitted, they should go to their dashboard via the URL and view their assessment tile. There is no email notification of submission to students.

Can I connect to the University WiFi network reliably for my exams that use the Inspera platform?

For on-campus invigilated final and supplementary exams, you will need to be connected to uniwide WiFi

WiFi has been tested in all scheduled exams rooms and where necessary, WiFi access points were upgraded. The WiFi test included the capacity for simultaneous download and upload within all our exam venues.

I encountered a red lock screen when using SEB during my on-campus final exam. What should I do?

The red lock screen is a security feature and is activated when SEB detects that the user may have changed, or connectivity is lost. Invigilators will be provided with the necessary passcodes to enable students to unlock the screen and provide further instruction should this occur.

Raise your hand in the exam room and you will be helped as quickly as possible. 

Inspera Functionality

Is there a word counter?

Yes, in the essay questions. You will see the word counter at the bottom right of the screen.

Safe Exam Browser (SEB)

Do I have to download SEB if I am currently overseas studying as a remote student?

Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is only required by students in Australia taking their final/supplementary exam on-campus under invigilation

Please check with your teacher whether you need to download Safe Exam Browser for your on-campus invigilated exam. 

Students taking exams remotely/off-campus will NOT need SEB. 

I am doing the SEB practice test and cannot exit the test (e.g. I am seeing a red screen).

​​Use the Quit Password: 1234 to exit the test.

Within this site, On-Campus Invigilated Final & Supplementary Exams, the Inspera Safe Exam Browser Preparation section also has further details you may want to familiarise yourself with.

I have an old laptop. Will SEB work properly after installing it?

An older laptop will work as Inspera is a web-browser based platform. You are encouraged to upgrade to the latest operating system. Prior to the exam, please download Safe Exam Browser and test that it is working by completing the Inspera Student Practice Test

Why should I take an SEB practice test after installing the Safe Exam Browser (SEB)?

Preparation for undertaking a face-to-face invigilated exams includes the requirement to download SEB. We have developed an Inspera Student Practice Test to ensure that there are no issues with SEB on your laptop and in the rare occurrence that it does not work, there is time to fix any issues. Additionally, testing the software ensures that you are not seeing the interface for the very first time during an invigilated exam.

Is it safe to install SEB on my personal laptop?

​SEB is a longstanding software consortium of which both Inspera and UNSW are contributors. We have conducted cybersecurity testing and consider it appropriate for use in UNSW exams. There should be no risk of malware or viruses if downloaded directly from the Inspera Student page.

Once I've installed SEB, do I need to update my version of SEB for the future?

Yes! You will need to make sure that you are using the UNSW compatible version of SEB for your operating system. We provide UNSW compatible versions of SEB for Windows and Mac here. You will need to uninstall SEB then reinstall the latest version. For uninstall instructions, click on these links to uninstall SEB on Mac or Windows

Software / Hardware requirements

What devices can I use? (desktop, laptop)

​For off-campus exams (e.g., at home), we recommend that you use a PC (Windows) or Mac (macOS) when using Inspera.

For on-campus invigilated exams, you must bring your own device (BYOD) i.e., a laptop, and your mobile phone. Both must be fully charged as exam rooms will have limited power supply. Make sure you download the latest version of Safe Exam Browser before coming to campus for your invigilated exam.  

What web browsers are supported?

The most common browsers are on aggressive release schedules and therefore the most current version is not explicitly listed. We recommend that you install new versions of the browsers as they are released. Check the Inspera website here for the most up-to-date web browsers for Inspera. 

Do I need any additional hardware? (Camera, Microphone)

​There may be questions that require you to listen to audio or watch a video. For this, you can use your computer speakers. If a question requires you to record audio you can use your in-built computer microphone. Alternatively, you may choose to use headphones or an external microphone.

We recommend that you always check with your teacher if unsure.

For on-campus invigilated exams, please check the Exam Delivery page for what BYOD and hardware requirements are acceptable. 


Will I see a cover page at the start of the final exam?

Yes, this has been included in the design set-up. 

What do I do if I need help outside of assessment/exam hours?

For your in-term assessments, please first check your assessment instructions. If unclear, please email your teacher with your query, providing your name, student number, course code, and your question.

For all final/supplementary exams - on-campus and off-campus - you can email [email protected] with your query, providing your name, student number/ZID, course code, and your question. 

What do I do if I experience technical issues during my exams?

​During the final exam period, there are various forms of support students can access to get help. 

​If you are taking Inspera exams remotely and need assistance, contact the Exams Team on +61 2 9058 2453 8am-6pm AEDT or email [email protected]

If you are taking face-to-face exams on campus, you will be supported by specialist invigilators, as well as the technical support team, who have a range of options to address any scenarios, including having available some replacement laptops.

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